Saturday, February 03, 2007

Page Frames

The Page Frames Booth looked Fantastic! They have one rock'n DT that's for sure!
I could have stood in this booth all day, looking at these amazing frame designs.

I somehow missed getting a photo with Kim and Tara to gether, but here is a photo with Kim Moreno and Kimber McGray. Check out the Page Frames Blog for more photos.

"2007" Page Frame Design Team members

Owners Tara Tuck and Kim Moreno
Design Team Coordinator Kim Moreno
Vicki Chrisman
Kimber McGray
Holly VanDyne
Judi VanValkinburgh
Betsy Veldman
Sharly Belcean


Helle Greer said...

Love your layout for this booth, Vicki. You are ROCKIN' girl...

janel said...

I went to this booth specifically to see your page..and Betsy's IRL....what a GREAT product..and such a talented DT. Hooray!