Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Julie and Pam

This week, two of my dearest friends have birthdays! Julie and Pam! Happy Birthday girls! I hope each of your birthday are extra special, just like you are!!!

I just had to share these funny pictures I took , when Wes ran to Walmart with me. (I still cant believe he let me take them)LOL I must be really out of the loop, because I guess this is just "all it" when it comes to interactive game stuff. He was loving every minute , I can tell you that much. It's call "Guitar Hero". It plays on the TV screen, the band and the background music and you control the guitar.
NO , we didnt buy one,...but I wouldnt doubt he's saving for one, as we speek. I have to say.. he was pretty good. People were gathering to listen.LOL OH.. what a relief.. I'm so glad I paid for 6 years of classical guitar lessons!!! LOL

It's been pretty quite around here. I've been staying in (brrr... it's freezing outside) working on my Scrap Muse Kit for Feb. This is one of my very favorite kits ever! Fantastic papers and embellishments to work with!

Poor Jarad, has been suffering the last week with one of his wisdom teeth. He should have had them out..but has been putting it off. Well, he can now..because it started to get so painful the last couple of days, he was miserable. Last night at work,his cheek was swollen and he started to feel sick.He made the decision he had better go have it checked this morning as soon as he got off work. Turns out he has a bad infection now. The poor kid is so miserable! He is on antibiotics and is scheduled to see the oral surgeon to have them removed once things are under control. He has been putting it off, since he just started this new job, and has been working 7 days a week, 10 hour days. He will just have to back off the overtime and get it done, as he will be also starting back with his college classes in March , three mornings a week. I sure hope he gets some sleep.. he just went to bed.

Anyone ready for SPRING besides ME???? LOL


janel said...

MORE than ready for spring. Already looking forward to daylight savings time. My nephew...12, received one for Christmas and he loves it...plays all the time. Stay warm and cozy...hope the wisdom teeth surgery goes well...that is a tough one!

Jami said...

Well my goodness Vicki, Guitar Hero, let me say I really like it myself. Yes it if funny watching a 48 yr old playing against her teenage dd. We laugh hysterically every time we play. Santa gave my girls one for Xmas. Yes I am ready for spring. I hope your son is doing better and he gets that darn tooth out. He will be glad he did. {{{HUGS}}}

Catherine said...

Vic, I so am ready for spring - for a warm up....but not for the mud! I think we're going to have a lot of mud around here. TFS the pictures....loving them.