Thursday, February 22, 2007

Squirrel Tales

Squirrel Tales? lol just a little play on words. It just been weird how squirrels keep becoming the topic of conversation lately. After I tell you the reason I bought this 2 for $5 lawn ornament squirrel at Walgreens the other day... you'll see the lengths we'll go to , to entertain ourselves around here , at times. lol
You have to understand that we live in the country , surrounded by trees,... and Squirrels! The Squirrels seem to have one goal, and that is to drive Aly and Molly (the dogs) totally NUTS! Especially Aly!! She lays by the deck door ALL DAY LONG just watching them! Molly is truly more about'll be able to tell from the photos below.
Anyway, I decided to buy this squirrel and set it outside the door the other day to see what the dogs would do. OH my,Aly was beside herself. I finally had to put it away, because I was afraid she would have a heart attack. The funny thing was , how totally entertained we were by it for the LONGEST TIME! I would have Dan call the dogs in the other room and then I would sneak out and prop the squirrel up in one position, then call them in and... they would freak out, then we would move it, do it again, ect... finally(after about 15 minutes), I just started laughing!!!! Man can tell it's winter in rural Nebraska! We should NOT be this easily entertained!!!!!

Ok... so to explain the photo above. Today I had lunch with Becky and Donna. Becky has been having an on-going saga on her blog for the last few days about the scary thing that has been trapped in their fireplace. She has posted photos of tables and thing proped in front of her fireplace, blocking the opening , waiting for animal control to be able to set the trap and contain the squirrel (once they figured out what it was). Finally today there was a photo of the fat fellow being held up by the animal control guy. And then being released. It was a hilarious story. You can check it out here. Bec's Blog

Well, knowing I would be meeting her for lunch today I HAD to
pick up one of these little yard squirrels for her. I tied a little
ribbon around it's neck, and when we when up to pick up our
order, I set it on the table. When we came back, Becky saw it
and got a good laugh! We all did.(even people who weren't with us)

The photo I took , was of her , telling the squirrel story and using
it as a prop for her story. LOL Way to funny!
When you look at the photos of the dogs, I know it's hard to see
because it was getting dark, but the squirrel is sitting just outside
the door. Can you tell , WHO is focused? and WHO could care less?
Molly isn't even looking at it. I told you , she's all about rabbit's.
(I looked...they didn't have rabbits)


Nat said...

bahahahahahaha- you are too funny!

Catherine said...

OMG, that is way funny. LOL. We have to say "the S word" when we are talking squirrels around Guinness because she totally FREAKS out. When she sees them she screams (literally) all the way down the porch to the tree they ran sounds like a sick dog or something....


becky said...

that squirrel is still making me smile :)