Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tomorrows Friday

Yay, it's been fun posting Crafty Secrets projects this week, and doing the RAK. Getting to hear from you, and making new friends has been a ball. I love connecting, finding out we have friends in common, checking out your blogs... all that! Plus I LOVE giving cool stuff away! LOL ,but in this case, I have to thank Sandy Redburn ,owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.........for letting me be the one to have all the fun!!!

Here are a few more CS project to wrap up the week. This is done with paper from the Classic Paper Pad and the Cherub Stamp Set. The swirl background is done with a stamp. The cherub and the heart are two separate stamps. The ornate label at the bottom is from a sheet of frames an labels at the back of the paper pad, and then I just stamped the word "love" inside.
This card was done with papers from the Earthy Paper Pad and Stamps from the Bird Notes set. The crown, bird note and saying , are all separate stamps.

This is was just simple little thing , I had to throw in , because I just think this die, is so CUTE! This crown is a AccuCut die that can be used as a crown or a border (BR24OLC). I cut this out of Paper from the Classic Paper Pad. I love that you can make it as large or small as you want, and that those cute little diamonds are all cut out! Would these be so cute for a little girls birthday party, or what? (or even a big girls)lol
Speeking of Birthdays... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE!!!!
Today had a couple of fun suprises for me. First of all ... for some reason (probably because its FREEZING) no one had gone out to get the mail for a couple of days. ( our mailbox is a ways away). Anyway, when I brought in the mail today, there was a package in there from my sweet girl! My niece Neely. Look at these slippers and cute Hello Kitty Val day Card she sent! I LOVE them! And I am so touched , because I know when I talked to her the other day she was going to the doctor because she still couldn't shakeher cold, and The Tilly's are leaving one their UK tour on Monday. Poor thing! Not feeling good it hard enough , but to have to travel and perform every night sick.. would really be hard. I sure hope she gets some rest this weekend. Thanks sweetie! My feet are warm!!! and SASSY!!
Boy , it just must be the season,... I was sicky this week, Jan and Donna and Ron too! Hope everyone has a better week next week.
The other fun thing that happened today is that Amanda from Scrapmuse send me the nicest email and gift certificate ,saying "Happy Anniversary". I have been a part of the Scrap muse Design Team for Two Years this month. I really cant imagine what my life was like before Scrap Muse, to tell you the truth. I talk with those girls EVERYDAY! It's amazing sometimes how you stumble onto something and it just a perfect fit. sure to check in tomorrow to see if you are one of the names that gets drawn!


janel said...

Oh, stay warm.....Love today's many pretty things...and hoping your niece will be feeling better....she HAS to get well!!!! Sending "healthy vibes" to her!

Nat said...

Happy Scrapmuse Anniversary! Ahhh sor gorgeous again the projects!

StaceyM said...

You are such an amasing designer. I just love looking at your work. Keep on inspiring us!!!

~Lana B.~ said...

I've been checking your blog every day...I LOVE what you are doing w/ the CS stamps!!! The Target notecards are just wonderful! Every day is so inpiring!! Please add my name to your RAK drawing..those stamps are de-lish!!! Thanks for the inspiration!
~Lana b.~

Vicki said...

Adore your little bird card!! Too cute!! And the crowns...Paige saw it over my shoulder and eyes light up!! LOL!! You come up with some of the most delish projects girlie! Happy Anniversary...we love you!!!!

Yasmin said...

Happy Scrapmuse anniversary!!
I'm in love with those cute crowns!!