Wednesday, March 14, 2007


First , thanks to all of you who asked how my mom was doing. She is always so cheerful and never complains. We wont know any of the result for 24 to 48 hours. The test went quick and then Jan(sister) , mom and I , went for lunch and a little bit of shopping. (very little , because mom is NOT the shopper, Jan and I are) lol

I got this big flower for my room. Oh, they were in every color and SO gorgeous. It is HUGE! about 11 inches across! I love it!

This week on Scrapmuse, we have all started to upload organizational ideas and photos of our work spaces, for an upcoming article Donna Whalen is doing. It always fun to see the ways others organize there things for inspiring ideas.... so I'm sharing a few photos of my space below.
If you want to check out the scrap areas gallery at Scrapmuse , you can do that right HERE
I'm sure there will be lots more uploaded, over the next few days.

I love to use "found" objects, for organization, as much as possible. There is just something about the"hunt" I love. I use the class jars and old glass canisters for tags, ect... I use rub ons to label them.

The inside of the cabinet) top, holds my stamps. I use the stair step , expandable plastic spice shelves , to make them easier to see.

I paint and use old wooden spice racks with jars to hold embellishments. I have dishes ect for buttons , scrabble tiles , and things that I really need to dig through. I've decided I really need to have as much as possible "out" where I can see it, or I forget I have it ,and it doesn't get used. I altered some ugly bargain bin wood containers, with some of my favorite papers, to hold my Fancy Pants, ribbons and rub ons. The old planter holds my paintbrushes.

I use this old soda crate to hold my acrylic paints . I put them in with the bottoms showing ,so that I can see the colors easily.

I bought those flowers for upcoming projects I'm getting started on, and went to put them in the closet,but they were just so colorful and cheerful, I couldn't, ... so grabbed and old coffee can that was holding buttons and just covered it with some pretty paper. I'll just pick away at them from right there! I can at least enjoy them for a while , right?

I'd love to have any of you post any great tips you have for storage and organization. If your like me.. and you have (shall we say, "plenty" of supplies), and you appreciate all the tips for storage and organization you can get! lol

When I was at Paulas yesterday, I finally got to pick up the copies of "Altered Arts" that she had picked up for me. Her and I worked on these funny art dolls together one day. We both ended up getting them picked up for publication in here.
I had NO idea this would be on the cover, so it was a FUN surprise.
Now there's something I bet you thought you'd never see, with a license plate body, wings, wire hair , clothes pin arms, and pippy long stocking socks! lol oh brother! Sometimes, you just gotta have a sense of humor and laugh at yourself, huh?

Until tomorrow! Don't forget to sign up for the Friday Giveaway, if you haven't! It's been so fun hearing from you all!


Nat said...

Love those colorful pictures of oyur scrapplace and the cover with your cute art doll!!

Ruth said...

Congrats on the cover Vic!!! And especially so fitting to be the cover of altered are the alter queen afterall. You never cease to amaze me at what you come up with. I hope you get good results back on your Mom.

Amanda said...

I missed the post where your mom was sick or needed tests. I hope the results come back soon and that all is well. Hugs!

Oh, and I LOVE the art on the cover of Altered Arts - you RULE!

Helle Greer said...

You GO girl!!!
I love this doll, totally rOcKKKKKKK.

Leah said...

I love love love your craft space! Everything is very accessible and beautiful! You've made everything one of a kind & especially your own! What a fun place to play! :) TFS

janel said...

You have such a wonderful creative and cozy scrap-space...I love all your vintage storage containers...and the way you did the paint is way cool. Congrats on the cover..and of course..that NEB just has to be YOU! Thinking of you!

StaceyM said...

Well you go girl. Look at your cute little face on that cover!!! How cool is that!?!? I have definitely got to get me one of those crates for the paint storage. Such a neat idea and adds it's very own splash of color to your room. Love it. Thanks for sharing all of the pics of your oganizational ideas. Love it. One thing that I also do is use one of those clear shoe holders. The kind that you can hang on the back of your door. I actually use it to organize my pics that I will be scrapping. This way I can see them at a glance. That really helps. You can use it for so many things. Flowers, primas or anything else would also work great.