Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A breath of fresh air

Ahhhh... the sun was shining today , and the snow was melting! I'm praying that spring is right around the corner.
It felt good to get out of the house today and get some things done. I called mom this morning .. figuring since it was nice , she would be going out, to see her friend who has recently had to leave her home and go to a care facility. She was planning to do just that, and also needed to pick up some things at the gocery store. I needed to do that also, so I told her, I would pick her up , we would go out for lunch , go visit her friend, and hit the store. We did all that , and a bit more, since the weather was so nice.
When we stopped at the store , I found this sweet little nest , and eggs. I chose this pink one for me and got ma ma , a lavender one. It is just so sweet... and "springy".

I was so impressed today, when I went with mom to visit her friend ... to see how much things have changed as far as assisted care facilities. I LOVE the idea that they have dogs there, as part of the therapy program. Three dogs to be exact. I only snapped pic's of these two.(the other one, must have been napping or something) I think I heard them say , there are 160 residents there, so these pooches, get LOTS of attention.

How could you resist this face?
I am totally convienced that dogs , just have a way of making people feel better. You can just see it as you watch the residents and the dogs interact. It just did my heart good! You know , I'm a total dog lover anyway...but this was just a really cool thing to see.

This is my moms dear friend. She has a dog of her own, that she has had to leave, when she came here... but although her dog cant stay with her, her son can bring it to visit! Once again... Cool!

This golden retriever, just cracked me up. She would just plop down and nap... ANYWHERE , she wanted. This was right in the hall, next to the nurses station.
It was so nice sit and chat with mom today. I am just SO thankful for my moms good health. Glad that she is able to be in her own home, and come and go as she pleases. My mom is 85 years old and has been ,daily picking up the mail and checking in on her sick friend. About a week ago, she went to check on her and found her on the floor( she had fallen during the night). The resue squad came and took her to the hospital. Mom sat with her until her family came from out of town. Now that is a true friend. Today her friend said to the other women at the table " I would not be here, if it weren't for Evelyn" ,"She has been such a wonderful friend". I know that made mom feel good.
You just have to know my mom, but she made me laugh because she was telling me that after the ambulance took Frances to the hospital that day, she (mom) had to run home quick and change her coat, before she went out to the hospital. hmmm... I said, "why?". And she said, "Well, I was going to pick her dog up from the kennel for her, so I had my old coat on!" lol
Oh... I should be more like my mother!!! LOL
Once again... I'm amazed by the bonds of friendship! I hope you... "my friends" know... if you need me.. I'm there for you.... but.... I'll probably be wearing my "old" coat! LOL


Catherine said...

ha ha ha you can wear anything as far as I am concerned! I too am thankful for your friendship and thoughtful ways! You certainly are a bright flower in my garden...

janel said...

I have tears...for the tenderness in this post..and missing my mom...and remembering all the days that her assisted living friends were part of my life...YOU are a breath of fresh air....Thanks for the memories, and enjoy the ones with your special mother!