Sunday, March 25, 2007

Busy Weekend

It's late, but I'm determined to post on this blog tonight. lol Just had some things I wanted to share.
Tomorrow we are going to moms to see Sharon (sister) and Howard (bil) before they head back to Florida. Poor Howard has been so sick with a cold since they've been here.
I made lazonia , garlic bread and salad to take, so we will have lunch and some time to visit.

See this cute little "Bird Vignettes" card box? Well I was lucky enough to run across it while I was junk/treasure looking on Friday. Full of cool cards... at the bargain price of 50 cents! Well, you cant beat that!

Have you ever seen these? I ran across them at the Scrapbook Store in Omaha the other day. The owner showed me some examples of what they looked like ,and as you can see, I was SOLD. They are by a new company called "Tattered Angels"
It is called "Glimmer Mist". I love the way they looked when I sprayed them on some manila tags. They give them a slight metallic sheen. Really cool! I do notice you really have to shake them up because you can see that the metallic settles in the bottom of the bottle a bit. But they shake up easily and work really well. Just thought I'd share my new find. Now I need to go check out the website, I typed it in ,just to post the link here, but haven't really had a chance to look yet.

These are some "just for no reason" flowers , I got this week. Those are the best. Why is it having fresh flowers in the room is just makes such a difference. Maybe I'm just ready for SPRING!!! YES!

Well, there is a story to go with the "bath" photo of Molly. It stormed here last night, and we got quite a bit of rain.
The ditch in front of the house was full of water this morning... and lets just say that when Dan went out to get the mail this morning and took the dogs, he wasn't looking when Miss Molly decided to go SWIMMING! Wes was home for a bit today, so I'm lucky he was up for the job of giving her a bath..and I got out of it! Wonder why she thinks water is good when it's in the ditch ,but not so great, when it's in the tub?
I have been working like crazy on my "cake" project , and.... I'M FINISHED! I was not happy with the way it was starting out in the beginning ,but now that it's all done. I'm really liking how it turned out. Hoping Kiley will like it. Can't wait to show her. I will take photos tomorrow in the light and post them soon.


Jackie said...

That Glimmer Mist does look cool. I checked out their website and their colors have exactly the same names as Twinkling H2Os and the colors look the same, too. I wonder if they somehow made the Glimmer Mists from H2Os....hmmmmm. said...

Oooh, I want some Glimmer Mist too, thanks for the tip. I wonder if they can be found in stores? I'll check it out. Always fun to have a new toy.

Pattyjo said...

I love all your creations! I will have to check out the Glimmer Mist. If you recommend it, it must be awesome!