Sunday, March 25, 2007

Center of attention

Well as you can see "Daisy" was the hit of the day, at Grandmas. When we got to moms today, we had a surprise. We heard Ray and Linda were going to stop before they had to be at Hunters game ,but when they came they had Amy , Hunter and "DAISY" with them. This is the first time we got to see the latest addition to the family...but she was certainly the hit of the day. Isn't she CUTE!
I realized that almost EVERY the photo I snapped , involved the PUP! lol What is it about puppies , they are just irresistible!
It was one suprise after another.... Neely and Kiley ended up showing up , and then Kiley went and got Brad and the boys, so Sharon and Howard could see them. Dan and Lori came by and had picked up J, so they could see him also. (Kirstyn was napping) . The little ones change so quickly between visits , I know they really loved getting to see them before they had to head back. Sharon was concerned about the kiddos getting Howards cold, but since the weather was so nice, they spent most of the time outside. Actually everyone did. I think we are all ready for was so nice to be outside!
It was a nice day, and so good to see family. Sharon and Howard go back to Florida tomorrow, so
it was nice for them to see family that they hadn't seen yet since arriving for the funeral, at the beginning of the week. It has been a stressful week for them with the funeral and Howard being so sick, and neither one have been getting much no one stayed long ..just enough to say hello.

Daisy is Amy , John and Hunters new pup. I bet that puppy sleeps well tonight! I think everyone took their turn holding her.
Now that is a CUUUUUUTE Puppy!
I finished Kileys Wedding cake card box, and brought it in to day to drop off to her, but she ended up stopping by, so she took it with her. I think she liked it.... she was all smiles.

That pup, defiantly got attention today. Sharon is a dog lover too!

Jayvier, Griffin and Aiden ( Dan and Lori's Grandkids) had a ball just playing in the back yard at Grandmas.

Hunter made sure, Grandma and Daisy , got some bonding time also.
Just makes you wanna go get a puppy doesn't it??? lol

2 comments: said...

Yes, it makes me want a puppy! I have never been a dachsand person, but my brother-in-law has one and I fell for it. Daisy is adorable!

So is the cake. Wow. And yes, I think that having the cutter had to have helped, couldn't imagine all the snipping if you tried to do it without.

Pattyjo said...

What an adorable puppy! To bad no one liked him!