Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Egg-septional day! lol

Corny title , I know... but I just HAD TOO! lol It was just B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L day here today. Sunny and high 70's. Trust me ... for Nebraska in early March...that's GOOD!
It was also a really fun day. Paula and I had planned to get together a week ago.. but "the BIG snow" got in the way... so today was the day! I always have fun, looking at the projects she's been working on. Altered Art, Collage and ATC's are her thing... and she does amazing work. Always inspiring!
This is one of the things I did today. I was inspired when I ran accross a picture of them on this blog They were done with alcohol inks. Below is a project I finished last night. The photo is compliments of my friend Lana.
I had a specific plan for this project and no photo to go with it.... Lana came to the rescue.
It's her friends little girl. Isn't she a doll?
I did this round "Page Frame" , as a door hanger, using all "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage" Products.

Papers are from the Pastel Pad
Letters from the Wacky Booklet
and fabric image from the Baby Boy Cotton Scraps
Please keep my mom in your prayers. Tomorrow she is having a ecocardiogram in the morning. Not sure what is up for sure, and probably won't know until at least Monday , when the test results come back, but at her doctor visit yesterday , he had noticed some fluid around her heart, so wants to check into it. My sister Jan and I will go with her for the tests tomorrow... and we'll hope for good news.
Which makes me think to give you an update on Wes. He seems to be doing better. He called me when they were at the airport today, leaving for Austin TX. Hopefully he will feel good during the trip!


janel said...

Those eggs are "egg-ceptional"! Who would have thought alcohol ink....so fun! I will certainly keep your mom in my prayers. That page frame is adorable...LOVE how you have the scallop outside the edge! Thinking of you!

Michelle M White said...

The door hanger is beautiful! Love the photo!!!

Michelle M White said...

The door hanger is beautiful! Love the photo!!!

Jami said...

Love the eggs Vicki, I am going to try and talk my girls into trying that on our eggs this year. The door hanger is Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your site. What a fun thing to do with eggs. I hhave more visiting to do in your site. I think I can find lots of inspiration here. Your give away sounds fun!

Skye said...

Those are my eggs and my blog you mentioned! It makes me so happy! I love finding inspiration from others and I'm glad my project actually inspired someone else! Yippee! Yours turned out beautiful!
By the way, I used blown out eggs (yolk and white removed) for my project. I wasn't sure whether eating eggs with the ink on them was safe. Plus this way I can keep them for display next year. I also went over mine with a little of the pearl additive for extra shine.

Catherine said...

I just love both of these projects!