Monday, March 26, 2007

More photos to share

For those of you who might be new to my blog.... you will certainly see your share of band photos , from time to time and hear me being the "proud aunt". lol

My niece Neely (my sister Jan's daughter) (in orange dress and jeans, in the center) is in the band "Tilly and the Wall", and I might as well be their PR person. lol I just think the world of these kids.

Wes (ds) when to "South by Southwest" Music and Film Festival in Austin TX, and the "Tillys" were playing there, along with a number of other bands, that flew in for the festival. Wes brought his pictures home ,and I wanted to share them here, so the rest of our family and friends can see them.
These are of the The Tilly's performing on afternoon. They actually performed a number of times during the festival, but the "daylight" outside shots where defiantly the best!

He did a great job of getting shots from a number of different angles.

Singing and dancing their little hearts out! lol

Today, I got my ScrapMuse kit for the month, so I'm busy working on it, and can't post anything yet... so for today.. I'm sharing photos instead.
I will tell you this much... It is a rock'n kit!!!
Stay tuned.


janel said...

Wes did a fantastic job on the photos...I love them! Go Tilly and the Wall! Such fun!

Nat said...

ohhh those photos rock!!! And the tilly's too!

Pattyjo said...

Photos of your famouse neice's band! She is so pretty! I can tell that you "don't" like her. LOL