Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Shopping Satisfaction

I had to do some running today, so I stopped back at my little "Treasure/Junk" Store. When I was there the other day, it was close to closing time, so it's been eating at me since.. that I didn't finish my mission!lol I picked up the other little pink dish, that matches what I got the other day.
After a serious HUNT... I picked up these things. A couple old books , old ledger table, some cool fabric, silver glitter AND SILVER rick rack, buttons, vintage sheet music, and my favorites... the two pieces of glassware. The big one.. is now sitting on the old dresser , in my work room. I LOVE it! Oh, and I found these, "on so yummy" , old velvet like leaves, that I wish they had , had tons more of . (darn) It was a good day... but I better stay away from that place.. or I'll have to open my own junk store! lol
Other than this ... nothing too exciting , the usual yucky stuff, like Walmart. The cool thing was , the sun was shining, and there was a bit of a feel of spring in the air. Spring ... ah... I love the sound of that!


Michelle said...

oooh, Vicki!! I wish I had a cool junque shoppe near me!!! Love all of your finds! Thanks for the cute comment on my blog, too..=) I'll link you up when I revamp it in a few days..=) happy night!

janel said...

Oh such great finds. I love those leaves. When I think of all the things my aunts and grandmother makes me want to cry! Hoping our warm weather and sunshine blows your way! Enjoy!!!

Dale Anne said...

OH my......I'd LOVE to go shopping with you!
Those are FABULOUS finds!!!