Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day!!!

Snow day.... big time!
The weather man, was actually right on this one. We got hit ..just like they said we would. I worried about Jarad getting home from work (at 7am this morning) when it was at it's worst. It's about a 30 mile drive, and we had ice first then blowing heavy snow. REALLY blowing!
He called, at about 8am and said it was so terrible that he had gone into the ditch twice before finally getting to Fremont. He was calling from Mom's and said he was staying there. Thank goodness! I'm sure he appreciated being "babied" by grandma...because she made him breakfast, let him take a shower and go to bed there.
Then, Dan called and said he was going to leave work early and try to make it over to moms also. They both stayed there until the snow and wind , let up some and then Jarad followed Dan home , since he has 4 wheel drive. By the time they came home (late afternoon) they said the roads where easier to travel.
I stayed in ( in my Jammie's) all day ,and worked on some more projects.

Well, at least when I get snowed in , I get things done! LOL

These are some more of the projects I'm working on to sell.

I wonder if it's possible to wear stamps out, because if so... my new art stamps from Crafty Secrets are in trouble ..because I have been using them constantly!
The oval is a Paper salon stamp and the "joy" is a Fancy Pants, otherwise all the others are "CLEAR ART STAMPS"
I was bummed about not being about to got to Paula's today,but I talked with her, and we are planning another day.
It looks like tomorrow might be another .."stay in your Jammie's" sorta day! brrrrr


janel said...

Oh what can I say......these projects are just more than wonderful! Amazing!
I am so glad the "boys" are safe, I cannot imagine going in the ditch twice....
Beautiful beautiful work!

Nat said...

wow - those are so amazing- unbelievabele!!! Glad to hear that your boys are ok!!

Jami said...

Love your projects and I can't wait to see what you do with another day at home. BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy to hear that everyone is home safe and sound. We are home today also with snow/ice storm that went thru yesterday.

Helle Greer said...

On man everything is sooooo pretty, and dont tell me that the bird is free hand drawn and cut.
The bird stamps are just the cutest, the details in there is amazing.
I need a snowy day, and not all this sunshine, I can't get anything done.