Sunday, April 01, 2007

Even Rain

Even rain cant keep friends apart! lol And trust me...there was LOTS of rain! Oh brother the rain was intense all day yesterday. But it was still a fun day spent with friends.

When I met the girls , after lunch we did a little shopping in the cute shops and antique stores in the Old market in Lincoln. I found these cute little bunnies!

And at one of the antique stores I found these vintage postcards.

I wish you could see them in person, they are embossed and just gorgeous!
The sun was finally starting to shine , by the end of the day today. Weston ( oldest ds) was in and out this weekend...( always toting a guitar). He is preparing for a battle of the bands next weekend.

The girls and I had such a good time together, ..but we did missed Pam, who wasn't able to come because she wasn't feeling well. We had lunch at Buzzard Billy's and then did some shopping.
It was still RAINING... it was not a good hair day, to say the least! lol My hair was so bad...after starting the day standing in the pouring rain, when I went to watch my friend John run in a marathon. (pics below)

I had to laugh when I pulled this picture up on my computer. Not only is my hair a mess, I have a STOP SIGN on my head! lol I guess the nice stranger we asked to take this photo , didn't notice the stop sign that look like it was strategically placed atop my noggin! lol

Here are some pictures from the marathon. Boy , I wish I was this motivated! Pretty amazing to see that many people motivated enough to get up that early on a Saturday morning and run 10 miles in the pouring rain! I'm in awe!

The artist in me was drawn to the display of cups. lol Go figure!

It was great to see old friends and catch up at bit on what's new in their lives. Whether old or new... "Friends are a good thing!"


Nat said...

What a great day you had! LOL about the stop sign on your head - makes a good picture for a layout ;-)

Catherine said...

Love that picture of you with the stop sign over your made me think of the Creative Tornado Spillage - and the stop sign was saying - STOP....I think it would make a fabulous picture for a layout - so many things you could do with it. LOL. xox. Look out for a small envie coming your way :-)

Sugar Bear said...

Some great finds! Days out with the girls are the best. Really gives me energy and inspiration.
Karla said...

Beautiful Bunnies!