Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finishing up

Still working on finishing up projects to sell this weekend. I'll need to stop soon and get busy on some other things...but since I had the tops of these done, I wanted to finish them up.
They were defiantly the brightest thing outside ...gloomy , rainy weather AGAIN! Well, on the bright side.. April showers, bring May flowers..right?

I'm pretty darn excited about doing a Guest Chat at 2 Jills on the 27th. I'll be talking more about it , as it gets closer, and let you know more about it. The girls are scraplifting one of my Fancy Pants layouts ,that will be posted the night of the chat... and I'm so excited to see what they come up with. I tell ya.. I just dont think there is anything more flattering than seeing other scrappers find inspiration in your work! I cant wait to see their layouts! There is going to be Fancy Pants flooding the gallery! lol

I have been meaning to share these photos with you, that I snapped of the Entertainment Section of the Omaha World Herald. CHECK OUT that HUGE picture of the TILLY'S!!!
Tilly and the Wall
Neely (my niece) is the second one in from the left!

I got a post card from her to day from Lisbon, and also an email, saying they are having a fantastic time, and getting to at least site see a little bit, in each City. Some of the photos she attached to the email, showed them riding bikes in Amsterdam. I think they are having a great time, because I think I counted 11 exclamations after the work Amazing! lol I am SO Happy for them.
They played their big show in Belgium with the band "Razor Light" . 17,000 at that show! WOW!

I can't top that , for sure, so I'll end here! Have a wonderful evening!


Nat said...

So cool about the Chat - well just you know - you inspired my whole scrapping!!!!
Ahh -the Tilly's are in the neighborhood - but they are not coming to Germany- grrr - LOL!

alteredaimee said...

Darling flower pops! (I just made that up.) :) So cheery and bright. I love them! What do you call these fabulous creations?

Catherine said...

It's so awesome to read about a small group making it big - congrats to TILLY! And, just love your stuff you are making, what time does the sale start?? LoL

Tam said...

I love those flowers! AND I am sooo excited about your CHAT at 2Jills! I can't wait! It's going to be a lot of fun!

Sharon in NE said...

From Nebraska I see!