Friday, April 13, 2007

I got tagged

Today, I got tagged by Lidy, French Garden house , who is one of my new blogging friends. I love checking out her blog to see the gorgeous pictures of her house.. and lots more.
Hmm... the 5 people I will tag this time will be ... The ever so talented Catherine
Matthew-Scanlon Sewing on Paper author. She is not only a very talented writer but an amazing artist.. did I mention.. shes crazy with a sewing machine.
And then the Queen of Techniques , in my book, my dear little German friend Natalile Kalbach Scrapbook-Trends If want to learn the latestest trends in Scrapbooking... you better put this one in your favorites.
If , we're talking stampers.... the next couple girls have it hands down... . Lisa Strahl Mona Lisa Moments There is ALWAYS something gorgeous to see on her blog!
And the extremely talented Michelle White My Paper Tales. And check out this girls BANNER. It is my absolute FAVORITE ever! Beautiful!
And last but defiantly not least... my Vintage/funky creative friend Helle Greer Pink Latte
Go get em girls... you're tagged!

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Nat said...

Wow- thanks Vicki for all the links and for having me too - LOL- it is funny because you are actually my queen of techniques!!! Hugs