Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lots to talk about

I have lots of this and that , to talk about today, none of it really goes together.. so I hope you can follow along, without getting lost. lol
I finished up these "greeting bottles" today. They will go in the box of things I'm hoping to sell on the weekend. I thought they might be fun gifts for people to give , with greeting tags on them, like .. Happy Birthday, Thinking of you , and Thank you.

Glad I took these photos when it was just cloudy out this morning , and not raining yet!
Because here comes the rain, and wind and HEADACHE! Oh brother ,I have been having headaches like crazy lately,and it's getting old! I have suffered from migraines since I was in grade school, but as I've gotten older, they have been less severe. But every once in a while... like today... bad news. It started late in the afternoon and by dinner time , I was on the couch with the rice sock. I was running around out in the nasty weather today, so I'm convinced the weather is what got it going. It's totally gone now, and I'm SO Happy! Those of you who deal with migraines know... after it's over.. it can almost be described as a euphoric state...because you are so relived it's over!

Of all the migraine meds I've tried over the years... I can not believe that Excedrin Migraine really seems to work the best.
And I couldn't live without my rice sock! SERIOUSLY!
Before the migraine hit, I did have a wonderful time , having lunch with my friend Becky. We were both talking 90 miles an hour, trying to squeeze in as much chat time as possible in the time we were together. What is it about talking with friends ,that is just so therapeutic! We never run out of things to talk about ...ever!
Oh yeah... check out the goodies she shared with her old pal Vic. BEAUTIFUL !!! If you are interested in this gorgeous stuff, check out her etsy shop HERE.

The other fun thing that happened today, was I just got an email from my friend Janel, telling me the May Creating Keepsakes is out ,with my "Fresh Face" layout in it. I'm so excited to get my issue, I cant wait!
Ok, I better stop chatting and get busy now... I stopped at AccuCut and picked up a number of bran new dies today, to work on projects for the National Stationary Show for them. I cant share them for a bit, but I will eventually. Fantastic New Dies!
Don't for get to put your name in for the giveaway, if you haven't already. I'll draw on Friday.


Nat said...

Love those birthday gifts!!!!

Catherine said...

oh MY that Velvet Ribbon looks heavenly! Have a great day.....and you better not be late NEXT time :-)

Tam said...

What a great idea! Those are beautiful!

janel said...

Oh how beautiful!
Dang...our headache routine sounds similar..and I too have had one yesterday and last night...Excedrin is my "best" friend too. I think it must be the change of weather that is causing them...and I too have had my rice pack from the freezer out! Better this morning. Can't wait to see your new creations from Accu-cut. Always a treat. Here's to a headache free day! Off to see B's shop.