Thursday, April 19, 2007

Out and about

I want to be sure to say thanks to Nicole Seitler for the beautiful goodies she sent! Dont you just love this little bee? I'm working on this altered frame, but saving the beautiful pin and the buckles for another project. Thanks Niclole!

I ran into Fremont today to pick up some dies at Accucut , and on my way home ran into a couple shops for a quick scan. I didnt really have time to really "LOOK" today, but a quick peek, is better thank nothing , right? I did find a table I really liked that would work well as a extra work table in my room,but thought I should measure first. I think I'll be going back on my way into Omaha tomorrow.
I'm really glad that Fremont has really worked on restoring alot of the old buildings downtown, and keeping the small town charm, while giving us some fun places to shop.

Every thing in the windows looked so springy!

Well, now you have a little look-see at the town I grew up in. It seems strange to me now , to have a North Bend Address, (even though we've lived in the new house now for 6 years). I still say I'm from Fremont. (it's only 17 miles away, so that counts , right). It's where we were both born and raised and where our boys were born and .. for the most part raised, so it's home to us.
Funny how when I was a teenager, I thought I couldnt wait to move from here, now, I'm thinking it's just fine!
There's alot to be said for small town charm.


janel said...

I just love your Fremont photos...takes me back to my Iowa days...and I remember my dad talking about Fremont when he traveled Nebraska and Iowa....makes me nostalgic! Thanks for sharing your days and your wonderful outlook on life!

Deb S. said...

great photos vic.thanks for sharing them. when i looked at them i got a little homesick for my little iowa hometown, but they made me smile :)

HB said...

Great pics!! I just love "revitalized" main streets! The photos themselves are to die for, let alone the gorgeous images you chose to take pics of! Have I told you how addicted I am to your stuff? :)

Catherine said...

Oh Vic, those pictures look like some of the towns in Maine. Oh, I have always wanted to go to Omaha - have fun....that white table with the window - I hope that's the one you are buying because it's gorgeous!

Michelle said...

ooooh...antique stores and flea that old town charm..

Nicole Seitler said...

Wow! They look yummy! :D

Lana said...

I love pictures like these.. I love TOWNS like these.. and the stores - antiques - just make me happy!! :)

Helle Greer said...

What a cozy town, I would love to visit those little stores, so charming I love little towns like this. I grew up in one my self, and we only had 5 little stores. That was back in Denmark, way out in the country.