Monday, April 23, 2007

Some time in the Kitchen

One thing about spring and summer that I love ... it the fact that the fresh produce. I love fresh fruit and veggies. Since I can share the project I'm working on yet, I thought to do would be a good day to share these yummy beans Diana made on Easter... that have been on my mine... calling my name , ever since then! I finally made them... they are SO easy and So good!

Yummy Beans
2 lbs fresh green beans
(wash and snip, drop into boiling water for 7 min. pour into strainer and run cold water over them)

1/2 Italian dressing (I used this light golden Ceasar because I love it)

1/4 Feta cheese
1/4 cup chopped fresh dill
1/4 cup finally chopped red onion
Can't ask for easier than that, right?

I actually love to cook, but I just don't seem to cook like I used to. The boys aren't around, so It's easy for us to just grab something quick.. or cook one night ,and have left overs the next.
I'm getting lazy! lol
I'm chatting over at 2 Jills this week... and Fancy Pants is the hot topic , so I decided to post a photo of my kitchen valance, done with Fancy Pants Papers to show you. The problem is , I just couldn't get a good shot of it while it was up in the window, with the light directly behind it, so I had to take it down. The light was much better outside. You get the idea.
Just goes to prove... paper crafters, will do just about anything with paper! lol
Everytime I turned around when I was in the kitchen today, I saw this "closed" sign..and thought to myself... yup... that pretty much sums up how much time , I spend in the kitchen these days. lol
Things will change, now that it's nice enough to fire up the grill.
Dont forget to put your name in for the Page Frame give away. I'll draw a name on Friday!


janel said...

Yum, those beans are going to be a must at our house...they look wonderful. What a cute banner the creative! Will have to check out your "chat".....thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Hey, my kitchen closed a long time that sign should be on my front door! :)

becky said...

yummers! i can't wait to make these! also can't wait to go to dinner wednesday night!

Tam said...

I love your window valance! what a great idea!

Can't wait to chat with you at 2Jills!

Deb S. said...

that banner is sooo cute and i totally love the kitchen is closed sign! i think i need one of those with the cooking block i have had lately! i can't wait to try those yummo green beans! :)

Vicki said...

hmmm I never thought of using favorite papers to make my kitchen valance!!