Thursday, April 05, 2007

this and that

I have been busy with other thing, with Easter coming up this weekend ,so I didn't have anything "made" to share here , so... I'm sharing somephotos things. If you know me , you know, I love having things sitting out ..just little things that I enjoy. You know ..the stuff you have sitting here and there in your house that just makes you smile. I know I talk alot about this, but it's true... I really believe just having little settings of things you love out, and changing them often, really brightens your day! I have alot of that in my work room. Here is one of my favorites. I love these little guys, so I just attached them to dowels and stuck them in my paintbrush container. (how can those not make you smile?) lol

This chalkboard gate, on top of my cabinet, my threads, bottles, and old camera also make me happy. I know it might look like a eclectic mix of "junk" in front of that gate...but I "like" it. lol

The other thing I like to do, Is set out some of my favorite goodies or supplies , and just enjoy them.. like this vintage lace and old buttons. I wont even use some of those old buttons, because I can remember seeing them on things my mom used to wear. (I know that's kind of silly, those aren't that old,but I just love them). Why not enjoy them?

Ok, this is the other thing, I've been meaning to share with you. My new work cart. I first saw a cart like this at my cousin Paula's house, and new I HAD to get one. If you have lots of stuff (like I do) and limited need to get one of these. I got it at Sam's. I think it was about $49? It is SO sturdy and on wheels. The wheels can even lock. The great thing about it is, it has three adjustable racks, with mats, and holds SO MUCH!

I haven't worked it all out neatly yet,but I have my "most used" supplies on here, so I can pull it right over to my desk when I work, but then push it into the closet when I'm not using it.

Just wanted to share...because I'm really loving this! Thanks for the inspiration Paula!

Okay, the last thing I wanted to share with you before Easter, is this.
If you want to do something fun and festive for a friend who is counting calories...try this.
I met my friend Sally for Coffee this morning and she had just come from joining the Y. Determined to shed those winter pounds. I wanted to take her a little something since we aren't able to get together as often as we used to. So I made her this basket, but instead of candy, I filled it with 100 calorie packs, sugar free candies and Slimfast.
You know what... I think , no matter how old you are , you still love getting an Easter Basket!
She was tickled PINK! lol


janel said...

You are so thoughtful! What a cool Easter Basket...and I whole heartedly agree. Seeing your mom's things makes me miss my mom....and it is crazy..I have been thinking about all her shoes and the fun I had playing with all her "high heels"...sure wish I had pictures of them, as I can see them in my mind. Memories are SO rich!
Thanks for sharing!

Nat said...

Love the Easter Basket and all yo wonderful things!!! said...

Now that is a thoughtful basket! It is hard to find treats for a dieter. My son's fiance is trying to lose some of the baby weight, and I got her Godiva chocolate coffee beans instead of real chocolate.

And I agree with you on having our"pretties" around us. Little things make me happy. I have a tiny charm of a kitten in my change purse. It just makes me smile when I am digging out pennies.

Sugar Bear said...

Love the Easter basket. Love the cart idea. Might have to steal that one.

Jami said...

Vicki that is such a beautiful basket and idea. You are soooo sweet. I love the cart also. May have to make a trip to Sams. Happy Easter to you and your family

Catherine said...

What an awesome idea! Love the pencil bucket kids!