Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Stamps

Happy Thurdays everyone! Wow, this week is going by fast huh? I've been thrown off with Monday being a Holiday.

This weekend I have classes at "Scrap Your Heart Out" , If your interested , here is the scoop! It should be alot of fun. Three classes , starting Saturday morning.

I've got Crafty Secrets on the brain, as we had a conference all with the entire team last night... and it was so fun to get to meet everyone, and hear their voices. They are all such talented girls, and such fun. You can see their work in the Crafty Secrets gallery, or on their blogs , that are listed in their profiles.

This is a layout , I did(during the conference call) lol, using Papers from the "Earthy Paper Pad" and Images from the
"Seasonal Booklet"
This little cutie.. is my nephew Jayvier. (my brother Dans grandson)
I'm SO loving 6x12's

He had such a ball, playing in those leaves.. it was so fun to watch.

I have something exciting to share.... LOOK! More NEW stamps! How fun are these?
They will be available soon.

Clear Art Stamps
and this...

And if you haven't seen the Cotton can see them all here. They are Fantastic!
I also wanted to answer a question from yesterday about the punch I used on the flower, at the top of the layout. It was a McGill punch 2" Super Giant Punch Daisy.
I hope that answers your question.

I have some of the Aprons ready to mail. The Red with Red stitching, brown and pink, are now spoken for ... if you are interested in any of the others, the info is HERE.

Okay.. I've gotta get myself motivated... lots of running to do today. (with no caffeine this will be a major endeavor")!!! lol NO DIET DEW.. for over a week now! (and I'm still alive...barely)lol
Man, I love that stuff! lol Thanks for listening to me ramble. Have a super day friends!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dont for get the giveaway on Friday

Just wanted to remind you , that I'm drawing for the giveaway on this Friday morning. Two sets of the not yet released "Sweet Chipboards" from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. (one boy set and one girl set) , and the tag that are sprayed each with a different color Glimmer Mist,and tied up with some vintage lace and a charm.

I have been wanted to scrap some of these photos of Neely (my niece) for so long... I finally got this one done last night. Wes(ds) took this photo , when the "Tilly's" were performing at South By SouthWest in TX. I love this girl!

The flower is one I hand drew and cut out with the exacto knife. Had fun, stitchin like a wild woman on this! lol
It was fun to do a layout.. for not reason. Sometimes I just have to do that to get my creative juices flowing again. Someone commented here a while back about my eclectic style. lol I have to laugh , because It's an issue I have.. I cant find a specific style.. I like so many.. I just do what I feel that moment. I love Vintage most... but "a little bit of Funk" is a must.. when I"m doing something of my own.

Okay... see what I mean? lol this is a 6x12 I did with Crafty Secrets Papers and stamps. This called for a completely different style, simply because of the photo. I do love 6x12 format so much. I love the fact that it's become more and more popular. The Crafty Secrets Paper Pads are all 6x12 size.. so the work so perfectly!

The papers from the "Radiant Paper Pad" are so beautiful! I just punched out these flowers , inked the edged slightly with pink and layered them.

The letters from the "Artsy Alphabet" stamp set, stamp so nice. I added the crown from the "Bird Notes" stamp set and then outline them all with a Sakura glitter pen.

I wanted to share with you girls who enjoy ATC's.. a link to this ATC birthday collection , I took part in. I showed my card here awhile back, but there are some amazing cards here on Nats blog, that all the girls sent in for Andrea for her Birthday. HERE (the first part is in read below)
Also check out this "Create a Flower" Contest at ScrapScene. ( it was fun to see my Accordian flower tutorial posted there) There are so many cool flower tutorials listed.
It's been chilly and cloudy here again today..... "Dreary" ick! I NEED SOME SUNSHINE! I know I could never live somewhere where it's cloudy alot...because it starts to get to me! lol
I just realized this morning how fast it's coming up ..but a week from today, I leave for TX for the "Great American Scrapbook Show" to work with Crafty Secrets. Maybe I'm see some sunshine there??? Yippee!
Hope you are all having a happy day, and that the sun is shining on you!

PS. The brown and pink aprons below are now spoken for, but as of today the others are still available as of today.. if your interested.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aprons anyone??

Okay... I promised once I got these all washed and pressed, I would post them for you to see. The are all for sale (except the bottom Pink one...I want to give that one to Neely (my niece)..but I had to show you..because I love it!). When I ran across them , at one of my little antique stores, I decided to grab up my faves. I don't need them all, but I know I've already had some emails from some of you wondering about them... so these are the ones I'm selling.
If your interested ..just shoot me an email
I've decided to sell them all at the same price $12 plus shipping.. (shipping should be much.. as they will fit in a padded envelope)

I had a hard time getting a good photo, because of the wind here today. But I knew outside in the natural night, would show off the colors much better.
I tried to take a close up of each.. so that you could see the details better. If you knew the story behind this photos you would laugh. They were taken at our family reunion this weekend, with my cousin Wanita as the model. lol We all laughed so hard, as she was hamming it up.(she doesn't cook.. her husband does the cooking)lol I hadn't pressed the aprons yet, so I didnt use all the photos here.. and the two photos I did need, (and used) she had her eyes shut. darn!
I had missed this one, this morning when I photographed them outside , so I had to use this one , before it was pressed.... sorry!

Both of the over the shoulder styles are also $12 as I think they are a bit more worn that the standard ones. The one below has a worn spot just under the pocket. ( I just smile to think of all the great meals that were prepared for families , while these were worn , by the mama or Grand ma.)

This one is really sweet. The close up of the print is below.

These all have hand stitching on them. I took them with me to the family reunion and all the women had fun looking at them. I thought that the stitching done on these was called "Chicken Scratch" and that seems to be what mom and the others said it was also.
close up

The top one is red checks and hearts with black stitching, and the one below is red checks with red stitching.
It also has some kind of cutwork

Below is the brown check with brown and white stitching. There was a light green one like this also...but I loved it so much... I have it hanging in my studio now.

Here's a close up

This pink one , is the one I have to give to Neely.... SO..... cute!

Okay... tomorrow... Back to Paper Crafts.... I PROMISE! lol
Don't forget about the drawing on Friday!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

I took this photo when I when to put flowers on Dads and (brother) Gary's graves. Hard to believe Dad has been gone 20 years. I still think of him everyday. When I picked up flowers for the graves.. I was thinking.... flowers just aren't my brother Gary. (he was a big, macho, hunting, fishing, football ,sorta guy) I got some fishing bobbers to hang from his! I think he would have liked

I was thinking about how like so many other holidays, it seems we start to forget the real reason for the day.
I wonder if the next generations will know that it's not just a long weekend for camping, boating, and grilling. I found this , and thought it was interesting , and wanted to share.

I remember , when I was a kid, we used to drive to SD to decorate the graves and to go to the the Memorial Day service in Herrick (VERY small town). I remember how quiet is was at that country cemetery when the older service men from the VFW marched in carrying the flags. I always watched intently, because my Uncle Jake, was one of those men. Taps played in the distance and then one of the men shouted out some orders and "BANG" the guns went off!!! Being little I was short in the mix of adults, so I could never see when the "BANG" was going to come... so I remember anticipating it, but still jumping. I could feel the "BANG" , thud in my chest as a little child, it was so loud.
My Uncle Jake is gone now and we miss him so much ..but I will always have that memory of how he looked so important in his uniform. Now that I'm older, I realized just how important ALL those men in uniforms really are.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Family day

Well, we're home and ready to put our feel up for a bit.. but I just wanted to post a few photos. I took a ton..but haven't had time to really go through them all. I'm sure you've heard me talk about coming from a large family. It's days like today, when we miss our sisters and their families that live to far away to be with us for all of these events... so I always like to post a few photos for them.
Here is mom with those of us kids ,that could be there today. My Brother Dan to the far left, Me, mom, my sister Jan and my brother Ray.

This is my cousin Becky... who puts this "shindig" together for everyone (left), and on the right my cousin Myrna.
I wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold, so we were pretty lucky. The park has a nice building for us to gather and eat, and then plenty to do outside also.

I don't think these little guys (or girls?) are related to us , but they were so darn cute...stick'n their little behinds up in the air. lol

This little mama was guarding her 8 precious eggs.

It's always amazing to see how the families grow. Lots of people there this year from all over. Young and old. This cute little guy below is (cousin) Patty's grandson.

It was nice to see mom get to chat with those she doesn't get to see often. I think she really had a good time! Here she is with Nadine.

I have so many photos to look through yet... I cant wait. I will be on scrapping mission! LuAnn, (Jim's daughter), is also a scrapbooker so she brought lots of photos with her, for us all to look at. I saw photos I had never seen before, from years ago. I could look at old photos for ever.. I loved every minute.
(Myrna, Stanley and ?( (I have to ask about which of the boys the one on the right is)

I had never seen this photo of my dad before...and I love it. He had just come from a ball game.
It was a super day all around! A HUGE thanks again to cousin Becky for pulling this all together! Thank you for helping keep us all connected! It was so good to see everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Have you seen these?

I had to run to Walmart today, to get the "eats" for the weekend. I DREAD it!.. but it's over now..whew!
I usually don't look at the scrapbooking stuff there,but I was in the Craft/Sewing Department looking for some thin lace for an upcoming class project. I happen to notice these papers. They looked so interesting , I picked up a pack. I really like them. (with the exception of a few). I can live with the fact that there are a few I probably wont use, since they average out about 10 cents a sheet. 100 sheets for $9.99. I pretty much don't see myself using the weird robot guys..but I know some who would like them.. (robots are in you know). Don't laugh.. I never though "owls" would be either.
Anyway, I am pretty impressed with alot of the other papers in the pack though. I'm glad a got them. (Because I NEED more papers,you know) yeah right!
The are from Paperbillities... called "COTTAGE"
I also stopped back at the little treasure shop here in town and she brought out some more aprons for me to look at. I picked up a few check back ...because once they are all washed and ironed , I'll post the ones that are for sale. I found some that are just darling! I want them all! lol What is my fixation with aprons?
Okay... I need to hit the kitchen and get my food ready for tomorrow! (I should wear an apron ..huh?) lol

Friday, May 25, 2007

Begining of the weekend

This morning I met my friend Deb at a barn boutique I found a couple of years ago , that I always try to take in. They have it a couple of times a year, and the prices are usually really reasonable. It' s a beautiful acreage and the boutique is actually in the top of a Huge barn.
I found this chair for my work room and this old pot with a plant in it.

I also brought this butterfly house.

I need to mail some things, and to wash my car (Badly! Living on country roads when it's been rainy ..ick!) So while I was out doing those things, I stopped at the little antique store just off mail street, an found some great sheet music, a jar of buttons(my obsession) lol, and some of the most darling aprons! The pink one is spoken for , and I think I'll hang the greenish colored one in my workroom, but once I get them washed and ironed, I'll take a photo of the others, if anyone is interested they, will be for sale. They were just so cute , I couldn't pass them up!

Don't forget about the drawing for the giveaway! I will draw a name next Friday for the tags then the boy and girl chipboard sets. Every time you leave a comment , I put your name in the hat.
There are a couple more outfits I did up yesterday. I used papers from the Earthy paper pad for these, and the cooking stickers with the dress.
I was thinking the cooking one would be cute to give for a Bridal shower, with some starter recipes.
The size of the 6x12 papers from the CS paper pads , works so well for these.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend. We have a family reunion , for my Dads side of the family this weekend. Hoping for good weather.
Wes will be home ,off and one this weekend, but has alot going on. He is the best man for his friend Pats Wedding soon, so this weekend, he's in charge of the bachelor party. Pat and Wes have been friends since grade school. He still seems like on of the kids to me... hard to believe he's getting married. Boy, if I have this hard of a time dealing with my kids friends getting married, what will I be like when it happens to them? Yikes.
Poor Jarad has to work all weekend! (again)
Here's hoping you all have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Welcoming Wyatt

To day, I had company... Sweet baby Wyatt! Gabriell and Tracy, welcomed their sweet little first child into the world on Friday. Today Gabby and Wyatt came over for a visit. He is just precious!!! Gabby and Tracy are going to be wonderful parents.

It was a cloudy day again here, and on top of that... the power was out... so I'd didn't get the perfect shots, but I liked these.
I thought Gabby was going to have to pry him out of my arms when it was time to leave.. he ( and I) were COZY! lol

I thought it was so cool that , they didn't want to know if it was going to be a boy or a girl , until the birth. Now that it's a boy... I thought he deserved a little sign for his door... letting the world know... "It's a boy"! lol The image is from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage, "Joy's of Life booklet".

What is it about babies that just makes you happy? Oh.. they are just little miracles! Wyatt Thomas, is going to be one "loved" little guy!

Thanks to all of you who have been commenting and emailing. I've been putting your names in for the drawing next Friday! It's been so fun getting to know you. don't have to lurk anymore... I don't bite! lol See you tomorrow!