Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aprons anyone??

Okay... I promised once I got these all washed and pressed, I would post them for you to see. The are all for sale (except the bottom Pink one...I want to give that one to Neely (my niece)..but I had to show you..because I love it!). When I ran across them , at one of my little antique stores, I decided to grab up my faves. I don't need them all, but I know I've already had some emails from some of you wondering about them... so these are the ones I'm selling.
If your interested ..just shoot me an email vickichrisman@hotmail.com
I've decided to sell them all at the same price $12 plus shipping.. (shipping should be much.. as they will fit in a padded envelope)

I had a hard time getting a good photo, because of the wind here today. But I knew outside in the natural night, would show off the colors much better.
I tried to take a close up of each.. so that you could see the details better. If you knew the story behind this photos you would laugh. They were taken at our family reunion this weekend, with my cousin Wanita as the model. lol We all laughed so hard, as she was hamming it up.(she doesn't cook.. her husband does the cooking)lol I hadn't pressed the aprons yet, so I didnt use all the photos here.. and the two photos I did need, (and used) she had her eyes shut. darn!
I had missed this one, this morning when I photographed them outside , so I had to use this one , before it was pressed.... sorry!

Both of the over the shoulder styles are also $12 as I think they are a bit more worn that the standard ones. The one below has a worn spot just under the pocket. ( I just smile to think of all the great meals that were prepared for families , while these were worn , by the mama or Grand ma.)

This one is really sweet. The close up of the print is below.

These all have hand stitching on them. I took them with me to the family reunion and all the women had fun looking at them. I thought that the stitching done on these was called "Chicken Scratch" and that seems to be what mom and the others said it was also.
close up

The top one is red checks and hearts with black stitching, and the one below is red checks with red stitching.
It also has some kind of cutwork

Below is the brown check with brown and white stitching. There was a light green one like this also...but I loved it so much... I have it hanging in my studio now.

Here's a close up

This pink one , is the one I have to give to Neely.... SO..... cute!

Okay... tomorrow... Back to Paper Crafts.... I PROMISE! lol
Don't forget about the drawing on Friday!


Sharon in NE said...

What a great find! I love the one with the cutwork. I'm sure they were lovingly made and worn. I had inherited some too and they are so special to me. Dang, if only I cooked.

Pattyjo said...

I love your aprons! You found some real antiques! Very Pretty!
I will sign in again tomorrow and the next day and the next day! LOL

Nat said...

Ohhhh. myyyyy. I love those!!!!! I gotta thinki which I like the best - I love them all!

HB said...

Oh My WORD! Those 1/2 aprons look just like the ones my mom wore when I was growing up! I swear she had that brown one! LOL!! I threw a ton of them away after she died. Who knew they would come back in style!??!

MJ said...

You've had such fun with the aprons! It is a wonder that you are thinking of parting with them at all! Soon you'll have an entire kitchen drawer devoted to them LOL!

Anonymous said...

These aprons are very nostalgic. I'm thinking...I'm thinking....Carol csrar@msn.com

StaceyM said...

I love those red checked aprons. So cute!!! You did a great job showing them off with the up close shots. Maybe one of these days I can make an apron. I love to hand stitch but I'm just not that great with a sewing machine! LOL

CAKVD said...

Love 'em! I've been looking for an apron. I can't find them in any stores. I need them for when I can my veggies - especially tomatoes because they are so messy!
Cheryl KVD

Deb S. said...

i can see neely wearing the pink one! so cute! and you know i want the brown one! love it! thanks vic.

doverdi said...

Great finds. Those aprons are very pretty. My mother (81) just cleaned out her apron drawer and she had oodles of them.My 24 yr old niece was saying that she wanted an apron so Grandma came to the rescue. lol

Tam said...

Those are beautiful! Those 1/2 aprons reminds me of the ones my grandma wore!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh so pretty! OK I'm e-mailing you I want one for sure ... it'll be so fun to wear in my new kitchen once we move.

Amy said...

Oh, wow. The hand stitching is just lovely...