Friday, May 25, 2007

Begining of the weekend

This morning I met my friend Deb at a barn boutique I found a couple of years ago , that I always try to take in. They have it a couple of times a year, and the prices are usually really reasonable. It' s a beautiful acreage and the boutique is actually in the top of a Huge barn.
I found this chair for my work room and this old pot with a plant in it.

I also brought this butterfly house.

I need to mail some things, and to wash my car (Badly! Living on country roads when it's been rainy ..ick!) So while I was out doing those things, I stopped at the little antique store just off mail street, an found some great sheet music, a jar of buttons(my obsession) lol, and some of the most darling aprons! The pink one is spoken for , and I think I'll hang the greenish colored one in my workroom, but once I get them washed and ironed, I'll take a photo of the others, if anyone is interested they, will be for sale. They were just so cute , I couldn't pass them up!

Don't forget about the drawing for the giveaway! I will draw a name next Friday for the tags then the boy and girl chipboard sets. Every time you leave a comment , I put your name in the hat.
There are a couple more outfits I did up yesterday. I used papers from the Earthy paper pad for these, and the cooking stickers with the dress.
I was thinking the cooking one would be cute to give for a Bridal shower, with some starter recipes.
The size of the 6x12 papers from the CS paper pads , works so well for these.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend. We have a family reunion , for my Dads side of the family this weekend. Hoping for good weather.
Wes will be home ,off and one this weekend, but has alot going on. He is the best man for his friend Pats Wedding soon, so this weekend, he's in charge of the bachelor party. Pat and Wes have been friends since grade school. He still seems like on of the kids to me... hard to believe he's getting married. Boy, if I have this hard of a time dealing with my kids friends getting married, what will I be like when it happens to them? Yikes.
Poor Jarad has to work all weekend! (again)
Here's hoping you all have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy!


StaceyM said...

Wow, you really made some awesome finds today. I love the little butterfly house. My 6 year old son, Trevor who is in Kindergarten, just went through the whole process from caterpillar, to cacoons, to butterflies. They loved the process and he is teaching me so much about the different kinds of butterflies!!! LOL He knows them by their correct name now! LOL

MJ said...

You are in apron heaven now! They look cute! I can only imagine what wonders you will do with the butterfly house! Post it once it is done!

Pattyjo said...

I can't believe how adorable those are! They are the cutest cards I have seen! You amaze me girl...just amaze me!

doverdi said...

Awesome finds. I love the new cards you made. They are just too cute. The kitchen one would be great for a new bride. Thanks for sharing.

Jessrose21 said...

I love the aprons! I think it's so fun that they're becoming popular again. I swooned over the ones at Anthropology, but they're a little pricey for me.

I love the gingham papers you used on the little albums.

lorrietori said...

What wonderful finds! thanks for sharing!

DeniseLynn said...

Love that chair! AND I am an apron nut - I look forward to seeing more photos of them. I used to buy aprons at garage sales and my friends called me crazy - yea well look at them now, they all want aprons! Silly girls should have known I was ahead of the game. *snort*

Sharon in NE said...

Okay, outside of Fremont. (I've been trying to figure out where in Nebraska. This has actually taken me a while.)

I love finding old sheet music. Good find! nice to go shopping with your friend and not an impatient husband! (More jealousy being displayed. see Deb's blog. I think I need to work on that)

HB said...

Oh Vicki, what GREAT finds!! Love what you've done with the little outfits!

Maggie said...

these are fantastic, are you using a template?

Ila said...

I love that butterfly house and the chair. Sounds like you hit some really great garage sales. I love the aprons too..Awesome stuff!!

Nat said...

Love those aprons- what a wonderful idea!!!! I won't be suprised if they will be becoming a big hit soon!!!

CAKVD said...

All of your photos are precious! Very cute!
Cheryl KVD

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh, you lucky girl! What great finds!! They looks so lovely displayed on the chair! Those vintage aprons are so pretty! I have been browsing your older posts and I just wanted to say that I love everything your create!! Oh, and Baby Wyatt is precious!!! What a blessing!! I love the name Wyatt- we considered it for both of our boys. Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!


scfranson said...

That chair is just darling! I'd love to go to that barn boutique.
Claudia F.

Amy Teets said...

Sounds like fun! You'll have to let me know where this little place is that you bought the goods at...oh and the Wal-Mart papers....ummm...if anyone can work with those you can :D

Amy said...

I don't think I've ever seen a butterfly house before. What a cool find!