Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! I just love May Day... and miss my kids being little , and doing the whole May basket , doorbell, running,or you'll get kissed thing. lol It's just such a sweet Innocent thing.
I googled "May Day", just to see the background of it. If your interested, check this out, I thought it was fun to read May Day Customs

I have to share this May Day story with you... When the boys were little , one year... (I think Jarad was about 3 or 4), we did our May baskets around the neighborhood and then headed over to Grandma to take hers. I stayed in the car and the boys went to the door. Both of them get up to the door and Wes rings the door bell, and takes off running for the car...but Jarad just stands there with his. ??? I say... " Put it down and RUN Jarad... Grandma will run after you and kiss you!!!" , he turned and looked at me , with his sweet face ,and said, "I know, I want her too!"
Ok.. so here's my May basket for today. It's an altered metal container. I used Crafty Secrets Papers, stamps and Cotton images. I wish you could see the products better, they are so pretty. You can click on the top one to see it larger I think.
Some stitching , some inking,and lots of gluing. lol I wanted you to see some of the other pretty papers from the Paper Pad, so I just rolled them and stuck them inside.
I was kind of nostalgic today, thinking about when the boys were little , all the fun things we used to do, like May day. I looked through the good ole family photo box and found this pic of my baby boys. The time just goes by so fast, it's hard for me to believe they are 24 and 21.

Ok... I dug a bit deeper into the archives... and thought you deserved a laugh on May Day! lol

This was about week after our wedding ... we had a small reception at mom and dads house. Don't you just dig Dans Elvis sideburns and my feathered hair , and glasses , big enough for a windshield? lol I knew you needed a laugh today!



janel said...

Happy May Day to you. I have had those same feelings today, and remembering all the fun the kids and I had....so excited that our son emailed me....and that doesn't happen very often, to tell me Happy May Day, and that he was remembering the fun we had delivering baskets when we was little.....so it was doubly special.
LOVE your photo...love hubby's moustache, and yes, your glasses are "groovy"!
Wish I could have rung your doorbell, delivered my basket and run away today!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

what a great story! glad you shared it...

chelemom said...

What a great blog you have! I just "found" it through Lisa's! Love that vintage look! I had to order those sparkly mists!

becky said...

oh my gosh! you two are such hotties!

love, love your may day story! so cute...and especially sweet to me, since i'm a mimi :)

Jessrose21 said...

How pretty! I love all the layers. And I dig the big glasses. They look like the ones I had in junior high! (hoo boy!)

Michelle M White said...

You are sooo funny! Someday I'll how you my 80's wedding photos...can you say "big hair?"

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hello! The May Day basket you made is stunning!! Thank you for the link about May Day tradition. I had heard of May Day and seen lots of vintage images with kids dancing around the May pole, but that's all I know of it. The idea of giving away goody-filled baskets, leaving them at the doorstep and running or you'll get kissed- LOVE that! I will have to try it next year. Loved your sweet story about your little guys and Mayday. Sounds like what my boys would say if i warned them their Gram was going to kiss them! Sweet story and the photo of them when they were small is adorable!
Happy May Day!

Scrapthatpaper said...

Happy May DAY!!!! Such a great sweet story Vicki!!! I enjoy these years with my kids!!

Youre basket you created is gorgeous!! You always inspire me.. Just something else I need to try lol... Thanks for the inspiration Vicki!

MJ said...

We have never celebrated May Day & I suspect that if I tried to celebrate it, no one would participate except us! Kinda like Festivus on Seinfeld?!

Pattyjo said...

Your basket is amazing! If I ever learn to do half the things you do I will die happy!
I thought your picture was so pretty! You both look like such a great couple.
Kids grow up so fast...too fast!