Tuesday, May 08, 2007

UPS + Fancy Pants = happy!

It's a good day ... the sun is shining and the rain has stopped! Yay! Over the rainy weekend I worked on this. Time to play with some of the goodies my dear friend Catherine sent me! Thanks Cat!
Stitching, painting, and inking... oh yeah!
UPS + Fancy Pants = Happy!!! Yes... at last... Mr UPS brought me my Fancy Pants Box of supplies!
Everything is so gorgeous! I already have all the stamps , but was getting low on papers and rubons ... so this was a "happy" box. I have most of the ribbons ,but the (all) lace/wraps are and extra fun treat! Can't wait to play!
Jodi also sent back layouts from the last couple trade shows. It was kind fun, just to see them again. I had forgotten about some of them.

I also wanted to share with you ,the organizational spinner Dan helped me put together last night. I wanted one, but I use all my table space, so I was thinking I would like a floor standing spinner. I ran over to the local junk/treasure spot and picked up this standing lamp base and a separate shade, (with a bigger top ring) for a whopping $5.
Here's how it turned out.
I just used these clips , but if you want to see a great spinner , done up right ... check here

I like the fact that I can just set it out of the way in the closet when I'm not using it. It really does hold alot. Anything I can do to organize and save space... I'm all over.
I dream of the day when I have a BIGGER room. I wish I had a big loft or Huge room, so I could leave all the things that inspire me out... all the time. A girl can dream , right?
I talked to Jarad earlier today, and they were almost to KC... so getting closer to home. By the sound of his voice when he calls, I think they are having a good time. He called from the ocean and from Margaritaville...just to make me envious! Little stinker! lol
Until tomorrow!


Deb S. said...

ohh looks like you got an early md/christmas,b.day gift!!!! wow! lots of fun new f.p. stuff! yummmm..love the little canvas hanging vic. so cute...

Michelle M White said...

I'm drooling! How fab!!! Love what you did too...I so wish you lived next door!!!

Catherine said...

Your Spinner looks awesome. I love that you made it into a floor stand, how cool! And that little girl is adorable! Love her and that fringe is great too.

HB said...

Droooooling over your new box of treasures (mostly in preparation for what you will create with it all)! Pure genious to put the spinner on a lamp base! Oh, and having a bigger room just means you have more stuff! Trust me, I know! LOL

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Spinner is a fabulous idea!! very handy, and pretty enough to leave out as an "objet d'art"~

"I dream of the day when I have a BIGGER room. I wish I had a big loft or Huge room, so I could leave all the things that inspire me out... all the time. A girl can dream , right?"

sigh....yes!!!! I envy those who have a whole basement or attic to play in with all their fun stuff.

:) happy playing with all your new toys, Vicki


Helle Greer said...

Love that fabric collage, so darn cute. I'm sure you will use all those goodies up in a week , whith the speed you are creating in.Always something great to look at here.

KimmyS said...

OMGOMGOMGOMG - all that FP stuff, gorgeousness {those lace trims are da bomb)

And I am loving your spinner thing!

MJ said...

That box of goodies almost took my breath away! Oh, how I would love to look at them, pack them into my desk drawers & think of them periodically ~ oops, did I actually write that?! I'm glad that you got them because you would actually use them, not just hoard them for someday like me!! Enjoy!

Pattyjo said...

What an awesome Idea! How are your projects hanging on the spinner? You are so creative!