Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finding ART in every day

I knew from the beginning , today was not going to be one of those days (my favorite days), where I get to just "Create". I had errons to run , groceries to get, a meeting at AccuCut, banking to do , prescriptions to pick up... ect ( and I did squeeze in lunch with my friend Deb... that was fun), otherwise... running, running , running...and boy was it hot and humid~!
I guess I'm just so used to being able to have "art" in my day, most everyday, so when I don't , it's a bummer.
While I was driving home ( a have about a 20 minute drive, one way), I was thinking...really , there is ART everywhere, all you have to do , is look around. It's in signs, nature, patterns in peoples clothing, just about everywhere you look. All you have to do , is open your eye's and your mind a little bit.
So as soon as I pulled the car in the garage, I let the dogs out ,and we when for a little walk out to the road. As , my mom would say..."She's taking pictures in the ditches again". Yep...they're weeds, but it's all how you look at them. I think , they're beautiful weeds. lol I think my mom (and the farmers around here) think I'm nuts when I'm taking photos of the ditch...but you'd be pretty amazed a the cool things you see. Here's a little glimpse of how I got my "Art fix" today.

Milkweed. (in my book, it's too cool , to be called a "weed"). lol
The ditch in front of the house and in the trees, all around the house, are filled with thousands of Lillie's, just starting to bloom.

all kinds of interesting little treasures...
cool textures and colors.
Wild roses...
and trumpet vines.
It's pretty amazing what a closer look , will reveal.
It was pretty hot and humid, so our walk was brief. (even Aly and Molly were ready to head back in to the comfort of air conditioning)lol

I hope you are inspired to look alittle closer at the "Art" around you. If you cant get out, and you need your "Art fix" check out Print and Pattern. AMAZING things to look at there!
I plan to finish my clear mini album from Page Frames , hopefully I can share it with you tomorrow. It has been so fun to work with!
I hope you all got a chance to check out some of the cool organizing tip at Craft Critique today. Today, they had a link to my studio photos. Scrap Scene also mentioned my studio organization, and am I ever thrilled, because Deanna Shain saw it and asked to publish it in her new book "Creative Spaces for Paper Crafters". Thanks Deanna!

I know I'm being awfully chatty today, lol, but I have to share one more thing. I am SO excited about this book coming out... I can hardly stand it. My ultra talented artist/author, friend Catherine Mathews-Scanlon, has her book, "Art from the Heart" coming out a in few months , I have seen enough of a sneak peek to know it's going to be Fantastic! (everything she does is!!!) Just look at the cover! Her book "Sewing on Paper" is Told eye candy also!

Ok.. I think , I 'm finished rambling for now. lol (until tomorrow..anyway) lol


Valerie said...

Love your photos, Vicki. Makes me want to get my camera and head for the ditches tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

MJ said...

Thanks for taking us on your walk through the ditch! Who would ever have thought I'd get into a ditch somehow today?!

Deb S. said...

beautiful, photos vic! it's a shame they call them weeds, i agree. had fun at lunch today. good to see you as always my friend!

Sharon in NE said...

Beautiful photography work. I got my art fix at VBS this week working in the crafts dept. It's so much fun seeing with the little kids come up with. So many adults (me included) c.a.s.e. something exactly, but these kids glance at the model and its incredible the designs they come up with.

Now, I'm off to the shower to see if I can get the colored sand and dried glitter glue out of my hair. Ah, the joys of VBS crafts. ;)

Nat said...

Beautiful photos- love those!!!