Thursday, June 28, 2007

GlimmerMist and stencils

I don't know why I didn't think of this ... it makes total sense! Glimmer Mist and Stencils. I had used the basic idea when I used the paper doilies as a stencil,but I didn't think about using actual stencils
If you want to see some tips on how to do it , check out "Craft TV" this week.
I had to give it a here's some quick samples .
I had found these ugly faded pink plastic doilies at our local junk/treasure shop, so I used them first. I really liked the effect. I dug into some old stencils for some of the others.
For the butterfly, I stamped the wings on two separt pieces of paper that I had sprayed (one pink and one blue), when they were dry , I stamped the wings and cut them out.
I used a stencil for the green, and lightly misted the tag with pink. After is was dry I outlined the stencil with a back writer, and made the "quilt look" with my tracing wheel.

No matter how I photograph it, just cant see the effect of the glimmer mist like you can in real life. darn. It' s very "shimmery"
I went over the wings on some of these images with my SAKURA stardust pen.

I inked the edges with "Chestnut Roan" Colorbox ink

The next two tags were done , using the dollie.
This tag and the bottom tag are both done using the new "Fairy" stamps from "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage" I LOVE this set!
This little cutie is from the "Cherub" set
I just found out that Tattered Angels, the makers of Glimmer mist, now has a forum and a gallery. They also make a number of other products, I wasnt even aware of. If you want to check it out , "Tattered Angels " Gallery Forum

I'm busy working on prodjects that I can't share just yet, so I did these tags quick , so that I'd have somthing I could share today.) You know .. I need pictures! )lol The mist is so easy to use and really quick drying, so these came together fast.
This week is flying buy.. and I havent even done my "Random Act of Kindness" I talked about Monday. HERE I have to get on that tomorrow! Have you done yours yet? (nudge nudge) lol
If you did, ...right and tell me about it...maybe it will give me some ideas??


DeniseLynn said...

I'm in the new house and all is getting put away little by little. I am happy but yet so very exhausted. The little ones seem very happy here but still seem a little unsettled at bedtime (the baby now wakes up a couple times a night - gee I wonder why I'm exhausted!) Anyway I did a RAK today ... I mailed out 3 cards to people who needed a little pick-me-up in their day. I'm overwhelmed still with the move but sending out some little hand-made cards seemed easy enough and really it only took me a few minutes to write notes in each card. (thankfully I have a little stash of cards all made and ready to go!) Thanks for inspiring me to be kind and make a difference.

PS - I'm loving that beautiful red apron I bought from you!!! said...

You never stop surprising me. You have such a variety of styles. Love the fairies and the shimmer stencils together, what a sweet look.

KardKrazy said...

What awesome tags. Love them all.

HB said...

The tags are GORGEOUS!! I am caving and getting me some of that glimmer mist... we all need to treat ourselves, right?
I have a "make & mail" policy, so sending little "hugs" is a weekly thing for me. I love to create, but then what? Keep them all? No way. My Rubber Room is filled with enough stuff. LOL

Nat said...

ahh - felt again in love with your creatiions!!

Catherine said...

oh my gosh Vic, those are beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfuly one! It's absolutely lovely. Gonna call you today.

alteredaimee said...

Gorgeous creations as usual. I love love love these! It is so cool that you worked with stencils. I love the idea of digging out some of my old neglected supplies.

KayellWY said...

Wonderful bookmarks! I watched that video using the mists. Gonna have to have some. :)


Sugar Bear said...

I love the 3 dimensional butterfly and the way you put everything together. I try to always be kind but I can't think of anything! I'll have to work on a RAK right away!

Kirsi said...

Stunning tags! The butterfly is a true beauty and fairies are so pretty.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

oh, those are always make and share the best! Glitter mist, that sounds just wonderful. I love the stencil idea.

I also love visiting you, you are like my own personal "creative muse"...but then I'm sure you are that for hundreds of people!

Michelle M White said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to get some of that glitter mist! How fun!

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

What pretty little tags!
Your creativity amazes me.

Deanna (dw) Shain said...

I love your tags! Makes me want to grab all my goodies and just PLAY!!!! It's a bummer to have a clean studio and no time to play in it! As soon as the book is done I'll be back in the swing again....yipeeeee!!!

Skye said...

That butterfly tag is to die for! I love the "quilting" on it.

Nancy Grant said...

Stunning tags. My favorite is butterfly one. BEAUTIFUL!

Tanya Boeke said...

These are spectacular! Went to the video link and watched demo. Gorgeous results. Saw a little of the glimmer mist at Arlington, but now I'm eager to try after seeing your beautiful works of art!
Keep up the creativity girl!
Love your blog!!

christiane said...

OMG, vicki!! that's stunning work!! you have all my admiration!! :))