Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I love me some Page Frames!

I am just so excited about all the cool new shapes that "Page Frames" is coming out with. Trust me , you are going to be hearing more and more about this company...they are on fire! I just read that the registration for classes at CKC in Phoenix opened up today,and the "Clearly Cutting Edge Class" was sold out in 10 minutes!!!) Go Page Frames!
While I was gone, I got a box in the mail with some more of the new shapes and the ...oh so cool... clear album. I can wait to dig in and get started on that album! Today, I made this card , using one of the new smaller flower shapes. I used "Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L's" clear photo tape to adhere the edges of flower to the paper. I had never used it that way before , so I wasn't sure if it would show through, but it worked so well, I was amazed.

I used Fancy Pants Papers and stamps. The Page Frames shapes are totally clear. I added the pink gems around the edge..
I'm hoping you can get the idea from the photos, but a opening is cute in the front of the card, and the flower edges attached to the edges. All the stamping is on the inside of the card and just shows through the flower, when the card is shut.

I tacked up some of the new shapes here, so you could see them. (The blue on each of them , is just the protective covering on each of them, that you just peel off, before using.)

I LOVE that one in the middle so much!!!

These are just a few of the new shapes, if you want to see the other frames, including the free-standing ones, you can see them HERE.
There are so many fantastic examples of how to use the frames in new and different ways, in the gallery HERE
And you can hear all about whats going on with Page Frames , on the Page Frames Blog
I just took a look, and there are some amazing clear albums posted there, by Sharly Balcean and Holly Van Dyne, a cool layout my HOFer Kimber McGray , along with cool projects Kelly Goree did.
It's been rainy and cloudy here all day , and I've been fighting a sinus headache. Not a super productive day, but some days are just like that, right? I needed to run for a couple of things at the mini mart, so I took the dogs with me, (so I didn't have to look at their sad little faces, as I walked out the door) lol They LOVE to go for a ride. Made their day.. ( wasn't that thrilling for me). Go figure.
Here's hoping tomorrow is a more productive day.
Don't for get to check out the Organizational ideas and photos , over at Craft Critique
there are links to some cool ideas , on different blogs. I'm going over to check them all out later tonight.

Until tomorrow....


Catherine said...

yum, all those new things look so awesome! TFS!!

MJ said...

Funny how I have some of the clear plastic stuff and haven't really a clue how to use it! Plus, I'm a little worried about how to adhere the plastics to the page/card. I've read the best way is to use brads/eyelets. Am always a little wary about whether adhesives work as they are advertised! (Gee, I'm starting to sound completely paranoid! LOL!)

janel said...

Hang on...the sun is was cloudy here until it is coming your way! Love the PF's...and can't wait to start my album...just wanting "perfect" am hesitating to begin...Loved that clear flower you did! Kudos to you!

D@nielle said...

the card is so cute & the shapes are awesome ... !

Pattyjo said...

Hello vicki,
I got on there web yesterday after you posted about them. They are great. I ordered one of there frames. I figure anyone you suggest has to be wonderful.
Those headaches are such an aweful thing to go through. If you can stand pickles...try drinking a small amount of the pickle juice. My son suffers from migranes and he swears by it. He heard it from one of his friends. It is just a thought.
Big hugs!

V said...

Oh my gosh! I totally love the flower shapes! I can't wait to get my hands on the album. That's just fabulous.

Oh, and I finally got around to the blog, so you can clicky and look. ;)


Julie Higgins said...

Loved the telling of the big slimy frog story!! It was great to have lunch with old times! You neglected to tell that you were the most incredible paraprofessional there ever was. Not only were you awesome with the kids but you made me lunch every day(that was in the days when you cooked - ha)!!! I will always miss you. We were a great team!! Julie Higgins

Julie said...

can't wait to see these in person at CHA!