Monday, June 11, 2007


Some of you , may have already seen photos of my work space but Craft Critic is talking about organizational ideas this week....check it out here It's always fun to see how others organize their supplies. I cant wait to get them all out, once they're posted. I spend alot of time in here, so I have it set up to be the most efficient for me. I love to have fun things sitting out to inspire me ,and I love an eclectic look, but when it comes down to it.. I need things to be quick and accessable. It might drive some people nuts to have all this stuff in view, but for me , if I don't have it in view, it seems , that it's easy for me to forget about. If there is anything that drives me crazy , it's to have a layout or a project all put together, and then , run across something that would have worked "just perfectly" for that specific thing but I missed it , because it was put away in a drawer.
The things that make organization a challenge for me are, one... I have ALOT of stuff, between "my" stuff and "class" stuff, and the second because, I'm a pack rat! I'm always sure I can find a use for things... so I never want to get rid of them. This is an issue I've just given up on, and have resigned myself to the fact... it's just how I am so have to try to keep some sense of organization to pull it off.

I got a good deal on this Hoosier a couple of years ago , and it has been such a great investment, as far as storage goes. I bought two sets of "stair step expandable racks" or spices, at walmart
and that gives me so much more space for stamps. And they are all visible!
The bottom is filled with large square canvas baskets that are filled with supplies. All of my punches are layered like the stamps, under the roll down. (forgot to open it for the photo) oops!

The adjustable stair step racks are really reasonable. I found them in the housewares isle.

I use all different sizes and shapes of old jars to hold things ... again, so they are easy to see. Even though I can see through them all , for the most part.. I've taken odds and ends letters, from my old rubons to label the jars.
I love this Utility cart on wheels. I can have it out , right next to me when I'm working and when I need more space, it can roll right into the closet and out of my way.

I snagged this idea from my cousin Paula. I got this cart from Sam's Club. It's for industrial use , so it's really sturdy, but it's still so easy to move. It has adjustable shelves that all have a edge on them , so that nothing falls off. Locking wheels, and plastic mats for each of the shelves.
I keep inks, markers, pens, embellishments, paint brushes, stamp sets, ect.. on it. I use all the side of the cart also. I hang my deco scissors, big clear ruler, ect , all around the sides and back. The white round thing in the middle , is a $5 spice rack from Dollar General. It works great for small embellishments. (and it spins)! Woo Hoo! lol

In the closet, I had Dan screw all my old Fancy Pants Prima flower jar lids into the top of the bottom shelf, for extra storage for small things. Once the lids are attached to the shelf, I can just screw the jars on and off as I need them.
The brown collapsible bins come in different colors, and I get them at Walgreens (3 in a pkg for $5). That one is the large size , and then they graduate down from there. I just labeled them , by stamping on manilla tags and then tied them onto the handles.

I get the 12x12 clear hanging paper racks at Walmart , in the office supply isle , for around $10. I have regular "store paper racks", I use these for specific collections.
The different clear jars, are Martha Stewart from Target, and are great for flowers, buttons ect.

I have to laugh about this paint storage idea, because when I did this with my paints a couple of years ago, at first I thought it was weird, but it works so well, because I put them in head first so I can see the colors perfectly. I picked up my CK mag a couple of months ago, and guess what I see.... lol They were showing someones(?dont remember for sure who's ) studio an her paints were stored the same way. lol

The two wood containers below , were on a clearance table at Gordmans, and were UGLY.. so I just took some of my favorite papers and covered them. I used to have them sitting on the old dresser in my room , that I use for storage, but I decided to hang them. (More room on the top of the dresser, for other goodies now! ) lol

I use these little tin bins from the $1 on my desk shelf.

I love this three tiered plate holder so much ,but didn't always want it out on the counter in the kitchen, and it takes up so much cupboard space... so I brought it up to my studio to use for odds and ends of embellishment. I love to lay out some of my favorite things on those plates. Just makes my happy to look at!

I found this old dresser, quite some time ago for $15. I use the drawers for supplies. the top one, is glitters, jar paints, and other Art Supplies, the middle is spooled ribbons and the bottom is for Chipboard.

I painted and hung this old spice rack I found while I was treasure/junk hunting. It holds embellishments also.

This is how I carry my class supplies. I just use clay pots in here , to hold, scissors, pencils, paintbrushes..ect.

I have no idea how I've ever managed to accumulate this many foam alphabet sets ( oh brother!)...but this is the best way I've found , to store them. It's just a clear shoe holder, that hangs over the door. I hang it over the back of the door , so it doesn't show from the hallway.
I've always loved organizing for some reason. I love that everything has it's own place. I can make a huge mess in my room , while I'm creating something( oh..and trust me... I DO!) and then when I'm done, it's pretty quick to clean up.
If you have some good organizational ideas , you should share them. I cant wait to see the ideas people will post.
I think they start showing ideas on Wed. Craft Critique
Ok..I think I'm done... (just never ask to see my bedroom closet) yikes!


Elizabeth Royalty said...

Your space is fabulouso! Form meets function meets crafty style! Love those little $1 tin bins - so cute - and the bottles, and well, everything! Makes me want to go home right now and liven my schtuff up a bit!

Nat said...

Oh I love your room! Wow and you are organized!!!

MJ said...

Yikes! You have great organization for all that stuff! No wonder your pages look awesome with the choices you have and ease of access to them!

ps: have you got the pink apron yet?! It should be coming any day...

janel said...

I want to live at your house! neat..yet such a great feel!
Hey......your "cat eye" ink collection tops them all....I bet you have every color...I am jealous!
Fabulous Vicki!

Catherine said...

You sure do have a lot of COOL stuff!! Love that you are so organized!

Jami said...

Hey Vicki will you come to my house and organize my space. I LOVE how you have it all set up. Very beautiful!!!

Deb S. said...

when did you say you were comin over here to organize my mess?? hmmmm??;) your scrap room is such eye candy!

Susan said...

Love your room! You are so organized. I met you the first day of the convention and immediately came home and checked out your blog. Love it and all your work! You asked me my address: I haven't done much since convention.

Michelle M White said...

I love your organized AND beautiful! Great ideas too.

Gypsy Purple said...

Absolutely stunning ideas!!!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh my gosh I just love your post today! So timely for me too. I'm trying to organize my work space. It is in our basement. My husband redid half of it for me and it was lovely and then we had water damage from a big storm a few months ago and I've been at a loss trying to get things together again. This is really inspiring and has some great tips!

Pattyjo said...

You totally amaze me again and again! You are so famous now!

WendiJ said...

Hi Vicki, I was at Scrap Your Heart Out when you were teaching some classes. I love seeing how you organize...I share a space with my husband and my stuff always flows over into his area:0) Great tips!
Wendi Jeffers

Melissa said...

I saw a link to this post over at Craft Critique today ( Great information!! Keep up the good work!!

Deanna (DW) Shain said...

I LOVE it!!!! I want to publish it in my new book, Creative Spaces for Papercrafters!!! What you have done with this room is exactly what this book is all about!!! If you are interested please e-mail me for more info!
Hope to hear from you!
Shain Publishing

cndymkr said...

What else can be said? Wow. Great room.

Debe said...

I wish I your eye for using things in different ways! Great tips!!

Anonymous said...

wow, great room. But, I think you have way too much stuff, you should really purge, like, half of it and send it my way, lol!!! said...

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