Saturday, June 23, 2007

The weekend

It's been a crazy busy weekend, that 's why I missed posting yesterday , (and almost today). I'm so used to blogging EVERYDAY, that when I don't , it bugs me. photos, but I promise tomorrow. (I also hate posting without photos of "something"! lol
I need a little color to liven this place up a bit!lol

Friday, I had a totally social day! I have just been feeling like I'm a "bad" friend lately. Like I was talking about last week, after I while you miss doing the things you really love to to... well, spending time with my friends is something I love, and lately, I haven't taken much time for that.
I had a nice "chatty" lunch, catching up with Bec. Looked at some of her latest projects and I'm always amazed at the girls talent. You can check her our at "Scrap in Style TV", and look for her in the new Foofa la book.

Then off to Omaha to pick up somethings, and met my sweet friend Chris at Target, for a little ... "shop n' chat".

Then met up with John to take some shots of his Corvette for him to get ready to sell. (And a few keepsake shots) They turned out pretty cool. After getting one of the best ones, blown up into a 8x10 to frame... he said , he couldn't put it put where he could look at it everyday right now,... it'll make him not want to sell. lol

I'll post some of the photos tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!~


Pattyjo said...

I'm glad you are having a great weekend and keeping busy. I loved hearing from you again on your blog.

Catherine said...

oh my gosh your sunflowers are gorgeous! Those photos are fabulous. yummmy. Happy Birthday Jan!!