Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What makes you happy?

After looking at some of the photos I snapped over the weekend, it really got me thinking about how we each have certain things that we choose to do , that make "us" happy. "Our enjoyment, hobby or way to relax.
I have to snap photos of my boys when they arent aware I have my camera in hand, these days. (I think I've burnt them out with the photo thing) lol
I did end up telling Wes I had snapped a few through the window. (sneeky huh)
I just love candid shots like these. Wes has one thing that makes him happy , more than anything.. and that is to "Play Guitar and Sing" any chance he gets. (and to play with the dogs) lol
When Wes came back from Omaha Saturday, I watched him come in the house and grab his guitar... and out the door he went with the dogs trailing behind him.

He just walked around the yard , singing and playing for the longest time. We live in the country , so I think he probably only got weird looks from a farmer or two , going by on their equipment. lol
It is truly his way to relax. I could always tell when he was stressed about something ..when he lived at home, because he'd go off to his room to play guitar. Everyone need to find their "release" , ...this is his.
It was so cute... Molly just followed him all over the yard. Where ever he went ...she went. She would sit and listen, like he was playing for her or somthing. lol

Jarad... well, Cars, trucks, motorcycles, 4 wheelers...anything with an engine, is his pleasure. Working on them , is his favorite thing to do , and his way to relax. (this does NOT cause "me" to relax!!) For a couple of reasons.. One ..because I'm always worried about them getting hurt on the stupid things, and the other because it causes my garage to be a huge MESS! grrr...
I will say, he can fix about anything!

Jarad is the one in the white shirt and long pants.

What makes me happy and what do I like to do to relax you ask? hmmm... I love working in my studio , making something for NO reason. All my rules. I love chill'n with my pups!
and I love driving in the car by myself with a good CD playing. ( I have to be by myself...because I sing..and trust me, nobody want to hear that!) lol
What makes you happy?? Or what do you do to relax?


Pattyjo said...

I love that! I love to be alone with my stamping and creating things. I love to sing outloud when I am by myself. I think we are so much alike, except you are a REAL artist.

Jami said...

I love how you captured this in photos. I also love to sing in the car with the music blaring. All by myself, I can not carry a tune. Also check my blog, you have been tagged. Kay tagged me, so I tagged you. Sorry.

Catherine said...

I just love those pictures of Wes walking around with his guitar and the dog following him - how SWEET!!

Nat said...

that is too cute how your doggie is following Wes

Deb S. said...

love the photos of wes & molly! l love to read or just sit and listen to the sounds outside.sounds a bit dorky doesn't it? ;)

Pattyjo said...

Hello vicki
My son was 27 yrs. old when he died. He was on the same type of vehicle that Wes was looking at with the other guys. Just thought I would let you know how dangerous they can be. Guys pretty much do what they want, just an FYI

MJ said...

When I need to unwind, I like to play piano, especially when I am angry & then I belt out Rachmaninoff. Unfortunately, this release has ended as K & N flock to the piano the instant I sit down so I can't play anything! This phase too will soon pass!

becky said...

love those shots of your guys vic! i'm happy when i'm up in my studio, or when i have my camera in hand...or a book, or when i'm shopping, or just hanging out with the fam and friends....lots of things make me happy!