Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HO HO HO Merry ... huh?

lol, yeah.. I haven't completely lost it yet, I know it's still summer time. lol But Sandy was needing a Christmas house and any reason to do one of these fun little Sweet Chips Chipboard Houses works for me!
I used papers from the Earthy Paper Pad, Christmas stickers and Christmas Cuts for this project.
The roof was sprayed with adhesive and sprinkled with glitter first , then I added rick rak, buttons, lace and pom poms.

I've had so many people asking me about being able to purchase these. I'll be sure to post here as soon as they are available on the website. SOON! Then we can all have fun! lol

Again... good thing I don't have neighbors close, to see me pulling out my tree topper as a back drop for these photos! (I knew there was a good reason for moving to the country!)

Tomorrow I'm taking my mom to Omaha for her shots in her eye for her Macular Degeneration. After the shots she cant be in any sunlight at all, so she has to wear long sleeves, gloves, wrap around sunglasses and bring a towel to put over her head and face.(that won't be fun concidering it's darn HOT here right now!) After she gets home she has to stay in for 5 days with shades down and stay way from windows and direct sunlight. Really weird, but I'm so glad that they have the technology to do the things they do for peoples eyesite. It's a blessing!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Some fun new papers

Monday Mail, brought me some beautiful papers from Tayleene at Meet Me at Scraps , a cool Coffee shop , Scrapbook Store in Larned KS that I'll be teaching at soon.
How fun that they have their own paper line..designed JUST for their store? The papers are so beautiful. I just had to stop what I was doing to put together a layout with them.
Here's a quick 8x8.
I used a clip to attach a piece of clear acrylic for part of my title.
There is actually a pretty fun story behind these papers. I had first met Tayleene (the store owner) when I was teaching in Albion. We talked and she told me about the store she was opening and how she was looking for a designer to work on some papers for a line "specifically"for her store...and did I know any one??? I said , I did , and gave her the name of a very talented paper designer I know... Miss Amy Teets... Well.... Guess who designed ...

THESE BEAUTIFUL PAPERS????? YEP!!! Beautiful job Amy!

I'll leave you with these pictures of my sweet little pups Aly and Molly , waiting for there treat, (celery)...they LOVE celery!

Now you see why they are like my kids... aren't they adorable? Okay... so.. I'm a bit prejudice.
Theres nothing like the unconditional love of a couple of Human Society muts, to make you smile! lol I love these dogs!!

Have you hugged your dog today? If you dont have one...you should go get one..their great. lol

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A little peek

I'm excited about a number of upcoming classes in the next few months, so I've been trying to plan ahead and be thinking about class ideas. Today I worked on class kits, and as I was doing this ... cranking out these flowers on my AccuCut machine.. I was thinking.. How the heck did I live without this thing? Boy does it save me time! Woo Hoo!
All three of these sizes of flowers are on one die...and that clear one in the middle... well that is cut from the AccuCut clear acrylic sheets. Super fun stuff clear...but alcohol inks and Stazon work great on them too.

Here's a little peek at a 12x12 layout for an upcoming class.
I used the 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 scalloped die on this layout also. I love that die. Sometimes I don't use the entire full die...just one scalloped strip.

There is a little journaling tag that tucks under the edge, with a tab and some stitching.

I always do 12x12 layouts for classes ,because I realize that's what the majority scraps, but I'm a 8 1/2 x 11 girl at heart, so It always a "process" for me. lol
The guys were doing their own thing today, and working on these class kits consumed most of my day, so it was pretty low key around here. That 's okay, because I had plenty of excitement last night. I decided I would go for my walk , and when I do that the dogs always want to go. We live in the country , so they just walk along beside me on the gravel road. I walk on the side road where there is usually not much traffic at all, and when the occasional car does come, I just call the dogs over to me and hold their collars to make sure they say right by me until the car passes. Well, yesterday, some guy in a pickup comes flying down the road . .. I see he's not slowing , as I'm calling Aly to me. He obviously doesn't see her..he's looking at Molly. It all happened so fast , I put my had up and yelled ...by the time he slammed on his brakes and slid in the gravel, he missed Aly by about 2 feet!! He had his window down and he said.."I saw the one dog, I just didn't see the other one" Oh geeezzzz... My heart about stopped! I was shaking... walked right back home and put the dogs in.. and they are never going walking with me on the country road again!!! I was in tears , it was so scary! I am talking "Close Call!". I was wrong for them not being on leashes I know.. but just the fact that "I" was on the road walking , should have been a good enough reason for the guy in the pickup to SLOW DOWN a bit! I'm just so thankful Aly is okay!
So for today ... I'm thankful for a boring , uneventful day!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sweet Chips Chipboard (Haunted) House

I've been working on this little Sweet Chips Chipboard House from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. I decided I wanted to do mine up in a Halloween theme, but they come as naked chipboard, so you dress them up however you wish. The possibilities are endless, and if you check out the Crafty Secrets Gallery , you'll see all the different houses the Design Team girls have come up with. They are SO cute, and really fun to do!
I thought this spooky place needed a crooked old chimney so I used some of the leftover pieces of chipboard to cut a chimney to add to the roof. I used a little piece a floral foam to stick down inside to hold the wire that holds the flighing bats. All of the images I used for this were from the Halloween stickers sheet, and the paper is from the Earthy Paper Pad (I LOVE this paper!!). When I added the bat stickers to the wire, I first painted the back side of the bats black (or you could use a black marker), then covered the back of the bats with diamond glaze to attach them to the wire.
Did I mention I love Diamond Glaze also! I got hooked on this stuff years ago, and I just cant live without it. It dries totally clear and QUICK! I love that!( because I'm impatient) lol

I used gloss black acrylic paint on the roof, door and windows. ( why gloss? umm.. because thats all I had)lol I used (Harvest Orange 60100) Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels on the pom poms, scalloped chipboard and over the black paint on the roof.

The thing I love the most about these darling little houses, is that the roof just lifts off and it un-ties in the front , to open flat. (Not only is these so fun for adding photos ..which, I'm going to do as soon as I get some copies made ....but the fact that it can open up flat, makes it great for storage, if you do seasonal houses)
All of the Chipboard pieces come in two flat sheets, the house, roof , door , window, decorative circles , scallops and even two different little birds. The two holes are already punched for the ribbon to go through to tie the house shut.
I tried to get a close up of the effect the orange Glimmer Mist had , when I spritzed it on the roof that had been painted with the gloss black acrylic paint. I really like the look. I'm finding new things to do with this stuff every day! lol
I hope if any of you do one of these , you share it in the CS gallery. It's so fun to see what everyone comes up with. I was thinking when I was working on this , how fun it would be to do a cute one up as a "Welcome to the neighborhood",with a little bag of candies on the inside or something like that. All I have is cows, next door , so that wont work for me ,but you get the idea. lol
Hope you're all having a super weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Running late

Boy, since I got back from CHA, I really haven't worked in my studio at all. I've "worked" trust me..just not in here. lol I gave both dogs baths today ..and believe me..that IS work! Whew! Molly just has to fight it every inch of the way. It's like All star Wrestling! Aly is an angel pup..she just puts up with it. Anyway, glad it's over for a bit.
Wes was home for a bit today, with his new friend Hannah. They were going into Omaha tonight with friends and then coming back here to stay until tomorrow. It's nice to finally get to meet her. (I didn't push it with them.. with the camera,but maybe tomorrow, lol)
I worked in the yard some today. I thought I would go out in the morning before it got really hot. Well, it was really hot at the crack of dawn, so that plan didn't really work out. I was pulling weeds out of my flowers in the front (always on snake watch), and it was just miserable out. But I toughed it out ,and got it done. YAY! For the first time I didn't see any snakes .. only one big toad (probably the one I took a picture of a while back)lol It startled me, but there was no screaming involved, just some talking out loud to myself. "Geezzz, you stupid toad , You scared the crap out of me" Oh brother.. it's a good thing I live in the country and don't have neighbors. lol
Never take yourself too seriously! That's what I thought when I ran across the photo of this lady. I needed a little notebook for my purse , so this is what I made. lol
The hats, wings, papers and stamps are all Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.
I always wondered why the women in these old photos look so darn SERIOUS.. ummm... I think I would too if I had to carry water from the well, boil water to cook, and bathe, raise a huge garden, cann all the food , make EVERYTHING from scratch, sew my own clothes along with the trillion other things they had to do. Geezzz, and to think I was complaining about having to just go to the grocery store yesterday. lol

The heat has been hard on my plants ,but they are hanging in there. Hopefully there will be a reprieve soon.
Too hot to even sit outside and enjoy the flowers right now.

Happy Birthday today to Sandy's Mum today! I hope you girls had a fun day together!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Catching up

Ohhh... Love me some Glimmer Mist! Now that I'm getting things caught up, I'm going to PLAY with my goodies! Between what I had and what Wendy so generously shared with me.. I'm getting quite a collection of colors... and believe me , I'm going to try them ALL! These days, I don't feel like a project is finished unless it gets a spritz of this stuff! lol
If you want to see some cool projects done with Glimmer Mist , check out the Tattered Angels Gallery.
I picked up some of my fun new dies from AccuCut today! YAY!... and I'm in Chipboard heaven!
I'm not much on doing layouts about myself but , this was for a specific project. The papers , stamps and chipboard are all NEW Fancy Pants. This is the "True" paper line and the "In My Words" stamps. Photo credit to Becky Novacek. She is an amazing photographer...you can check out her work on her blog here.
If there was ever a subject I would do a "all about me" layout on.. it would certainly be "time management". lol It's something I'm really working on.

I had lots of running to do today ...groceries, banking , all that. I stopped at my sweet mama's to see the new flooring she just had put down in her kitchen. It looks really nice, and I think she is really happy with it. I had stopped and picked up some lunch for us, so we had lunch and a nice chat. While I was there she gave me some more old photos her friend Mary had left for me. Mary is the nicest lady and knows I love to use old photos in altered projects. She recently moved to an assisted living and has been getting rid of alot of things. Her husband passed away years ago, and she has a number of these old photos that she has no idea who they even are... so she passed them on to me. Lucky me!
What is it about old photos???... I could just spend all day looking at them.
Aren't they cool?

CUTE or what???
I'm really enjoying them all! Thanks Mary!
Thats' it for "fun stuff" today...it goes down hill from there. lol Getting groceries is such a pain.
In the cart, out of the cart, in the bag, in the cart, out of the cart, in the car, out of the car, in the house, out of the bag, in the fridg....not to mention you have to pay for it and then cook it and clean it up! I find this process DRAINING! lol (esp when it's blistering HOT out side!)

Wonder why the guys didn't do this when I was gone???? ( trust me...we had a chat about this) grrr
No worries.. the Chrisman's will not starve..there "IS" food in the house again! lol
Now ...who's cooking?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More CHA pics

I wanted to show you just a few more pictures of CHA, and share with you some cool new products that were released and some photos take with online friends I was so excited to get to meet.

If your not familiar with "My book" you should defiantly check it out. I met Lisa ("My Book" owner), at CHA last year. If you have a busy life ... like most of us do ...you have to check this out. I love the idea of adaptable planner. Kind of a planner / scrapbook combo. Check it out here.
Here is a photo of my ultra talented friend Kara Ward in the K&Company Booth. I got a chance to see some of the projects she has been working on , and let me tell you this much .... this is one ultra talented girl! WOW! Gorgeous work!
Check out these flowers she made!
I really missed working the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Booth and working with these sweet girls. I ran over long enough to snap a couple shots and say hello. I CANT WAIT to get all the new stamp sets, because after seeing them in person... OH MY!!! They are FANTASTIC!
I was so happy to finally got to Lisa Zappa.. I love that girl! Wish I would a gotta a pic with her!

here are a few of the new Sweet Chips Chipboards

All this stuff is so fun to see

The new clear albums from Page Frames were HOT!!!

The Page Frames Booth was so packed, I just got this kind of blurry shot from way back. That booth was Rock'n.
Then there was the really fun part of CHA... meeting the people you normally just get to chat with online. LOOOK... I finally got to meet Wendy, the owner of Tattered Angels (Glimmer Mist), and her sweet friend and "mister extraordinaire" Kathy! I cant even tell you how fun to was to meet these girls in person. They are just soooo nice!
I keep asking them what they are putting in that stuff..because it is just "addicting". Once people try it once they cant stop! (seriously...it's almost funny) I'm sure they had a great show.

How darn cute is Lana Rappette? Oh, meeting Lana was defiantly the highlight of that first morning. She is just a doll! Not to mention SO extremely talented! She and I are on the Scrap Muse Design Team together. This is the first time we have gotten to meet in person. I've been on the ScrapMuse DT for 3 years now and it's a very close bunch ..like family. When you chat daily with these girls about your life, family, ...just about everything....you really bond, so when you get to finally meet, its really special!

CHA is so busy and so intense that you just cant stop and crab your camera every time you want... um...you actually have to take orders (yeh..that's what your there for)lol so I miss so many people that I would have loved to have had photos of , and some turned out blurry because of the poor lighting. I feel so bad, my dear friend Becky was working the Autumn Leaves booth right next to Fancy Pants and I didn't even get a photo of us together. It's just such a busy time.
I also got to meet Heather Nichols and she it just a doll. You should check out her esty shop. She is a talented girl and and has some really fun stuff in her shop! Ink and Nickle Thanks for the goodies Heather!

Another person I was so thrilled to get to meet in person was Taylor VanBruggen I am so glad that her and I have become blogging buddies. She is such a fantastic person and crazy with talent. I see she has posted some great CHA pics on her blog also...check em out.

And then I got a little touch of home! It means so much to me that these girls always take time to stop by and say hi. These are the girls from Albion. Jean Kaup and her mom. I have been teaching at Scrapbook Paradise for a number of years now and it always feels like coming home!

This is another photo of Kara Ward....another midwestern girl! YAY

It was great to finally meet Tammy Tutterow. Her and I have know each other over the years from different teams we've been on together,but never been able physically be in the same place and the same time. What a treat. You can check out what she has going on here at Heart in Hand

And guess what????? I got to meet HB!!!! I LOVE HER! She was just as sweet as I imagined! She has been reading and commenting on my blog for some time now , so I felt like a knew her anyway..but to really meet her in person was so special. I miss her already! HI HB!!!
And Amy Westerman from Craft Critique Stopped by. I knew knew her imidiatly from accross the booth, she looks just like her photos. Sooo fun to get to meet and chat with Amy!

Okay...that's alot of writing and linking ...so glad this one I remembered to save as I went..because after doing it the other day, my computer messed up and I lost it all. (did you hear me screaming?) lol
I'm feeling like I'm getting all my things caught up around here , so maybe I'll be able to actually start having time to get back to creating something . YAY!
I did get three layouts picked up by Scrapbook Trends for the December issue while I was gone, so that made me smile!
Off to AccuCut to pick up some new dies!.... Another thing that makes me smile! lol

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More New Fancy Pants CHA releases

Today I thought I would share all the new Fancy Pants. I think I got photos of everything new with the exception of the two new Chipboards. "Swirls and Twirls" and "Dress Up", and the two new Box sets, "School Days" and "Baby Steps". For some reason my pictures of those turned out really blurry. The lighting isn't the best in these photos to really see details and colors but you'll be able to see them on the new Fancy Pants Designs Site. The design team will now be uploading all their projects to the gallery there for inspiration each month also!

Fancy Pants Released three new paper lines at CHA. Each with matching rubons, ribbons and a Titles and Tags Sheet. This line is called "TRUE"

This is the "Botanical" line
and this line is called "Sweet Pea"

Each new line is beautiful and so unique and different from eachother. All double sided cardstock of course. The hardest part is deciding which side to use. lol

Fancy Pants also Released their very first overlays. Six different designs. And along the right side , there are 3 new rubon sheets . "Flower Garden", " Soft Touch" and "French Market".

Two new Fantastic 12x12 stamp sets...

"From the Garden"
and "In My Words"
Super fun new Buttons, Pins and Hand Crocheted Posies. Each comes in four different color sets. The packaging is so fun.
And then the Felt Sheets! Boy were they a hit also! Four different color sets and each set has four sheets in it. (each sheet is a different color) , and there are TONS of shapes on each sheet.
This is NOT thin felt. Great stuff!

You can kind of even see in the photo of the pin cushion below , the thickness of the felt.
The Pins have a variety of shapes in each package. Butterflies, stars, hearts and flowers.

Jodi had some great examples of different ways she had used the felt, pins , posies and buttons,but I just LOVED this cute pillow!

Every new product release I'm constantly amazed at the things then come up with. I'm telling you... FUN products to get to work with. I'm a lucky girl. lol
I'll be sharing more photos from CHA the next couple of days. So Come back and take a peek.