Sunday, July 29, 2007

A little peek

I'm excited about a number of upcoming classes in the next few months, so I've been trying to plan ahead and be thinking about class ideas. Today I worked on class kits, and as I was doing this ... cranking out these flowers on my AccuCut machine.. I was thinking.. How the heck did I live without this thing? Boy does it save me time! Woo Hoo!
All three of these sizes of flowers are on one die...and that clear one in the middle... well that is cut from the AccuCut clear acrylic sheets. Super fun stuff clear...but alcohol inks and Stazon work great on them too.

Here's a little peek at a 12x12 layout for an upcoming class.
I used the 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 scalloped die on this layout also. I love that die. Sometimes I don't use the entire full die...just one scalloped strip.

There is a little journaling tag that tucks under the edge, with a tab and some stitching.

I always do 12x12 layouts for classes ,because I realize that's what the majority scraps, but I'm a 8 1/2 x 11 girl at heart, so It always a "process" for me. lol
The guys were doing their own thing today, and working on these class kits consumed most of my day, so it was pretty low key around here. That 's okay, because I had plenty of excitement last night. I decided I would go for my walk , and when I do that the dogs always want to go. We live in the country , so they just walk along beside me on the gravel road. I walk on the side road where there is usually not much traffic at all, and when the occasional car does come, I just call the dogs over to me and hold their collars to make sure they say right by me until the car passes. Well, yesterday, some guy in a pickup comes flying down the road . .. I see he's not slowing , as I'm calling Aly to me. He obviously doesn't see her..he's looking at Molly. It all happened so fast , I put my had up and yelled the time he slammed on his brakes and slid in the gravel, he missed Aly by about 2 feet!! He had his window down and he said.."I saw the one dog, I just didn't see the other one" Oh geeezzzz... My heart about stopped! I was shaking... walked right back home and put the dogs in.. and they are never going walking with me on the country road again!!! I was in tears , it was so scary! I am talking "Close Call!". I was wrong for them not being on leashes I know.. but just the fact that "I" was on the road walking , should have been a good enough reason for the guy in the pickup to SLOW DOWN a bit! I'm just so thankful Aly is okay!
So for today ... I'm thankful for a boring , uneventful day!


janel said...

And I am so thankful that you and the dogs are fine! That layout...looks fabulous, and love that flower....thinking that the clear sheets are a great idea ....happy creating, and here's to people "slowing down"!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh my goodness...I'm like you. My pets are like my children and that would break my heart to see one hurt. Poor girl, that probably aged you a few months to see such a close call. Makes you want to just sit and hold them.

Kara Ward said...

I am glad your babies were alright. My heart is racing for you. There is this neat town up by the Canadian border where the dogs are all allowed to roam free. They have to be registered with a lady in the town that keeps track of the dogs. If they are naughty or cause too much trouble they are not allowed to roam the streets. Any ways, my friends dog was hit by a car in that town. She was so upset with herself that her pooch's life was cut short. She blamed herself for not keeping the dog on a leash. The town people had a memorial for her basset hound. The kids made sign that said things like I remember when Max jumped in bed with my dad when he was sick. The local men came to the memorial and spoke about Max like he was their buddy. The dog use to visit the local tavern every night from 10:00-2:00 when it closed. The men would feed it salami and peanuts. It would howl to be let in around 2:00 every night. Anyways, my friend realized what a full life Max had. He would not have been happy to be tied up. I hope this way too long story makes you feel a little better. Your dogs love running with you in the country. Just like they should. Kara

Sugar Bear said...

Your layouts are fabulous. The fact that people speed down roads that are potentially occupied by people or animals (so I guess that means any road!) is always mind boggling - esp. to continue to speed when he sees you! This will be a good excuse to buy some fun patterned leashes!

Helle Greer said...

Oh Vicky I'm so glad nothing happened to your dogs. i know the feeling, because the 2 cats we have left are ind door cats, and the young one Simon loves to run outside, and he runs right for the street, so when he do slip out when friend of the kids let him out , I'm a mess until he is found again.
Love the class kits.
Heading off to Denmark wednesday morning for 2 weeks.

Precious Treasures said...

I like the clear flowers added in. What did you cut them out of?