Monday, July 09, 2007

TOAD-ally Swamped at the moment!

lol, sorry ,but I just couldn't resist! lol This cheery looking fellow was sitting outside next to the door when I came home.. next to the boxes of stuff that UPS left. (thank goodness I have a good zoom...because I would never have really been "THIS" close! lol
I think this will be a short post..because it looks like I need to get busy. Ahhh.... CHA... gotta love it! lol
I promise I'll have some goodies to share tomorrow. In these boxes are some goodies I cant wait to show you. NEW CHA releases for Crafty Secrets and Fancy Pants and also my CHA "make and take" project for AccuCut.
Off to cut and paste! lol


MJ said...

What a great title for the post! Ribbit to you too!

Sharon in NE said...


janel said...

Have fun. Can't wait to see....but hope you sleep tight tonight! Love that "toad"!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

no freakin' way! I'm so jealous.. I {heart} frogs and toads, and we NEVER see any around here! (guess the boys have really knocked all the ickies out of me...) Enjoy your stuff!

Sugar Bear said...

Love the toad!

Charmingdesigns said...

I have been trying to comment on your most recent blog but my computer wont let me. I would love some help picking out some of the "mist" that you use so well. I would like to know what color of pick would look nice spritzed over my pink wool birdies. I couldnt find pink azalia, there is vintage pink, tattered rose and pink taffy. any help would be great. Laurie