Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What a beautiful day!

Sooo nice out today, we even got to give the central air a break and open the windows. For July in NE , that's rare! On top of it being a nice day, (weather wise), it was extra nice, because I got a phone call from my friend (and fellow Scrap Muse Design Team Member) Lana Rappette. It was so fun, chatting with her. I had to laugh when she said "You dont sound like I expected you too, I thought you'd have an accent) lol ... I wonder if people think if your from Nebraska, your naturally going to sound like "Larry the Cable Guy" lol You tickled me Lana! It was so fun chatting with you!

I havent been able to get the whole "Stenciling with Glimmer Mist" out of my head, so I had to give this a try. Instead of stencils, I used some AccuCut flowers that I had let over from a project I've been working on. I just laid them down on this plain canvas bag, and then spritzed around them with three different colors of Glimmer Mist. I just picked them up and tah da! I decided I wanted to add some pom mom trim, but all I had one hand was stark white, so I laid it out on a piece of cardboard and spritzed both sides of it. After it dried, I machine stitched it onto the top of the bag.

I just added button centers to the flowers. I didn't spritz mine to heavy , so it going through to the other side ,wasn't a problem, but if you try this, I would slide a piece of chipboard inside , just to make sure you don't have any marks on the opposite side. I havent yet, put I plan to repeat this pattern on the other side. This entire project took me about 45 minutes, ( and most of that was just sewing on the buttons) lol
This is some of the goodies that arrived yesterday, that I'm excited to work with. They are some of the new stamp sets that Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage will be releasing at CHA next week.

This is a fun little set.. about 3"x4"

Alphabet set , 4"x6"
And the wine set about 6"x8"
Just like the other Stamps sets from CS the detail is AMAZING! I cant wait to stamp with them!
I finished up my big project for AccuCut late last night, so that feels good. It will all be put together at the show...then I can take a photo of it and show you. It's a 9 ft Christmas Tree decorated entirely by using things cut with AccuCut dies. 18 strands of flower garland! All I can say.. is that machine rocks...because being able to cut multiples at one time... speeds things up dramatically!
Tomorrow I'll share my make and take project that I'm pretty excited about!
P.S. I forgot to tell my brother DAN ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (not that he reads my blog...cause he's not much of a scrapbooker ...lol... but Happy B day Bro!)


Sharon in NE said...

I can't wait to see this 9 ft tree and 18 strands of flower garland!! Oh my...

I love what you did with the glitter mist on the canvas bag. I swear everything you touch becomes beautiful...say...after CHA, I think we should get together and you can wack me a few times...yeah! Hit me with your beauty wand. Geesh, I'm better lookin' than a canvas bag...so at least you have something to start with.

Catherine said...

finally, I can post!! what a great bag, so pretty!! Can't wait to see your big tree....sounds beautiful and lots of WORK!!

KathyL said...

Vicki -
Love the bag - Glimmer just makes everything look better !
Cannot wait to see your garland !

Nat said...

How cool is this bag!!! Hey- we should talk too - LOL. I have an accent - I promise ;-)

HB said...

oooo' the bag is awesome! But it's the new Crafty wine set I'm drooling after!! I can't wait to see what you create from that one!!!

Pattyjo said...

Happy Birthday DAN!

MJ said...

The canvas bag is lovely!

Aleta1314 said...

OOOHH! I have an order in for some glitter mist (6 bottles) Can't wait to get it now! Great Projects!