Friday, August 31, 2007

And the winner is.....

and the winner is .....
Jessica Wild Rose Stamper
I had Jarad draw when he got home from work this morning. Congrats Jessica... send me your addy, and I'll get the goodies off in the mail to you! Cant wait to see what you do with them!

And I have to thank Lisa for helping figure out how to get the "subscribe" to this blog thing on my blog. I've been meaning to do that for such a long time. I'm not good at that kind of stuff, but she was a doll and helped me out... so if you want to subcribe to my blog now... just fill in your addy, and you'll be emailed when I update. AND... if you want to see some incredable work...check out Lisa Zappa's blog. That girl can stamp!! Shabby Chic Junk- Lisa Zappa's blog

I finished this layout this morning for a Guest Designer challenge I have coming up in Sept. (wow.. I guess that would be TOMORROW already!) Anyway... I'll tell you all about it then.

The sweet mama and babe, in the photo are Gabriell and Wyatt. Gabby is such a fantastic mom.. it's obvious when you see her with him, just how much she adores him. He is just pretty darn precious! She has certainly taken to motherhood, just as I imagined she would. What a terrific mommy she is!

My challenge is to incorporate paint into your layout.

I used stickers to lay down, and then dry brushed with acrylic paint over the top,before pulling them off.

All of the papers and little scalloped notecards are Jennie Bowlin Studio.

Speaking of Scallops. I was so excited to find those JUMBO scalloped scissors at the $ store yesterday. I have a set of small scallops, but was thrilled when I found some slightly larger ones... THEN... I found these... JACKPOT!!! ( it's the scallop that runs along the bottom strip of paper on the layout)
I'm such a "hoarder" , I bought five pairs, so I'd have them for classes. lol (the sick thing.. is now I wish I had gotten more) lol
Wes is moving to Lincoln this weekend , so I've been gathering spare kitchen supplies ect... for him to use. I found some things for him yesterday at the $ store also. Some $ stores are just junk, but there in one specific "Dollar Tree" that I frequent, that has the best stuff. I love getting good deals. The very best $ store I've ever been to , was when I was in Canada. I seriously brought my carry on home , totally filled with $ store stuff. lol Sounds funny ,but I actually found these cool shadow boxes and canvas's there for a buck! They are going to be great for Classes.
I'll be back in Canada to teach some classes in November... so I'm hoping Sandy and I can squeeze in another trip there. ( only I would go to Canada..excited about hitting a $ store) Oh brother! lol
Anyway... hope you all have a fun-filled long weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

PageFrames Ornaments

I haven't had a cold for awhile, so I'd forgotten how it can kick your butt. I had to do some running today and get groceries, and that was about enough to drain me for the day. whew!
I don't think I've ever had a cold in the summer before this is a first.
Last night was not a good sleep night with the constant coughing, so I finally just decided to work on a couple things. These are some of the new Christmas Ornament Shapes from PageFrames. The Images are from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.
I've used two clear PageFrame pieces with the images sandwiched in between. On this one , before putting it together I used Alcohol Inks and Lumiere's and some fine Art Institute glitter, then layered a piece of transparency before adding the vintage Image. Metal tape was used to seal them together. Heavenly Christmas stickers

This one is done by stamping on vellum, and adding it to the Center. The Beautiful stamp is one of the new stamps from Crafty Secrets. Believe Stamp
This one is also a Crafty Secrets Stamp from the Christmas set, stamped on Vellum.
I'm working on some fun projects with clear products for an upcoming book Design Originals is coming out with .... so I'll keep you posted about when it's released.

WOO HOO! Speaking of good reads, I got this "Paper Crafts", "Room to Room" in the mail today, and I'm I ever impressed! There are some Gorgeous projects in this. I cant wait to sit down and take a good LONG look at it later tonight.

Here's one of my projects inside this issue. This birdhouse is another one done with Fancy Pants Designs "Key Lime Pie" paper line, and FP, chipboard. ( $ store birdhouse)

Oh , and remember the other day, when I told you , we had that bad storm and all that wind. I obviously did not look over to the side yard!!!!!

Yikes! How did I miss this?
Maybe we have weak trees?
Oh.. and for those of you who have emailed asking about where to purchase Glimmer Mist..
Here is the Tattered Angels Website

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Drawing for the Giveaway on Friday

It's been quite a week around here, after Jarad's spill on Monday, yesterday we were about blown away with storms and today I'm in the mist of an icky cold. But.. there's paper to be cut and glued... so we must march on! lol
A while back I showed you the outside of this Sweet Chips Chipboard House

but I finally dug out the photos I wanted to finish the inside

So here it is opened up with the inside finished. I used all Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Papers, stickers and cuts on this.
Oh, and here are the new Fallish colors of Glimmer Mist I promised to show you today. They are Gorgeous... cant wait to work with them. Looks like I'll get to play with Glimmer Mist at Memory Trends, as Wendy, Tattered Angels owner has asked me to come demo Glimmer Mist!
You know I'll spray this stuff on anything that stands still... so beware! What happens in Vegas , stays in Vegas! lol

Here 's a little glimpse of the action around here last night. Geezzz, I thought we were going to blow away for a while there. I don't get scared easy during storms normaly, but this was making me nervous.

I can certainly say, I've never seen the wind blow that hard , and I've never see it rain that hard EVER!

Jarad is doing okay...but really sore. This is what my upstairs bathroom counter looks like , these days.
Just glad hes okay! (yeh... wish that door in the background would have been closed...that's my class supply closet. It's really pretty organized... lol.. just doesn't look like it here. lol)

If you haven't sure to put your name in for the drawing... only two days left! MY GIVEAWAY
and be sure to get in on Catherine's giveaway also! I know she would love to hear from you.
(oh, and so see the photo she took, to tease me ...while we were on the phone yesterday!.... what a stinker..she knows this Nebraska girl loves the OCEAN!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Altered Valentine Candy Box

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and concern for Jarad. He is sore but up are around today. He doesn't let much stop him, he's defiantly not a complainer, when it comes to pain,that's for sure.
This Altered Valentine Candy Box is what I was working on yesterday, when the madness set in... so this morning I finished it up. All of the Papers, Cotton images, stickers and stamps are Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

Using an exact knife I cut the plastic candy divider out of the inside, and altered the inside with paper, rick rack, ect... so that it would be open to hold cards or whatever you choose.
The back pieces of the flower were cut from CS papers using an AccuCut die, and then the center pieces are parts of silk flowers with a pearl gem for the very center. I used Diamond Glaze and Vintage Glass Glitter on each of the pedals.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the pom pom trim around the edge. I had sprayed the white pom pom trim with "Pink Bubblegum" GlimmerMist" before attaching. When I was finished I sprayed the entire thing with "Iridescent Gold" Glimmer Mist.

Here are a few of the cards I made with some of the Valentine Images and stamps, that I have stored inside the box.
If your looking for Vintage Valentine Images... here's were to look....
Clear ART Stamps ( French Mail) and ( Cherub)
Heartwarming Vintage Stickers (Valentine)
Today, I got some Beautiful new Fall colors of Glimmer Mist in the mail... They are YUMMY! I'll give you a peek tomorrow.
Don't forget to leave a comment if you haven't already, for the give-a-way on Friday. Oh and since I'm talking about Give-a-ways.. stop over at my friend Catherine's Blog and put your name in for a chance to win her give a way...which is a actually layout made by her!
Check it out here Catherine Matthews Scanlon

Monday, August 27, 2007

Counting my blessings today!

For the next couple of weeks , I'm going to keep this sticky at the top about these things...

* Give-a-way on Friday Aug 31... just post a comment between now and then

* Classes in Gretna NE on Sept 8th at Precious Treasures Scrapbook Boutique
Nothing to show you today sorry (nothing you would want to see anyway). I spent most of the afternoon in the emergency room with Jarad. He's home now and okay,but it was a scary day.
Jarad took a major spill on his new motorcycle today (you know... the one his mom wasn't crazy about him getting!).
I'm so thankful he had a helmet on , and had no major injures, as far as his neck or back , no broken bones. Lots of road rash, scrapes, cuts ect... Both palms, both bottoms of his arms and elbows, his shoulder and most seriously, his knees. There was one deep puncture wound in the middle of the worst part of this right knee that has to be stitched up. But mostly lots of numbing , cleaning and irrigating the wounds, to clean them. After taking xrays they found one spot on the other side of that knee , that they think something is embedded deep in, but the surgeon is supposed to take a look at the xrays and then give us a call. They have decided to hold off on the antibiotics , as they don't want them to cover up signs of any serious infection that could stem from that, so we just need to watch things close for a few days for any signs of problems with that.
To think he actually just called a friend to come pick up him and his motorcycle, to take it back to his storage unit and back to his truck.. so he could drive himself.. from Fremont where he was , to home 17 miles freaks me out. I took one look at him and took him straight to the emergency room. Yeah.. the ER doctor,and the mail nurse yukked it up with Jarad about motorcycles "and how cool they are",but totally sided with me , about the fact that the ER was where he needed to be...getting checked out.
He cant go to work tonight of course, so his in bed getting some sleep. They told him , he's defiantly going to be sore for a few days. This mama , is thanking the Lord above tonight!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Beautiful day for a Wedding

Introducing Mr. and Mrs Brad Helgenberger

Yesterday was My niece Kiley's wedding day, so the day (and late into the night) was spend with family. It was a beautiful day .. no rain and defiantly not as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago.
I looked through photo's this morning , and this first one , was one I took at the reception late last night. The flash showed Brads face but everything else was black, I was just messing around and edited it by making it b&w. lightening ALOT and then added some contrast... now..I'm really liking it.

It was a beautiful wedding

I loved the way they involved the boys in pouring of the sands...blending their lives. Kiley has Griffin and Brad, Aiden, from previous relationships. They are certainly one now! It was so sweet and touching.

Here is the song Brads sisters sang "It feels like home"
Oh boy.... that is why my eye's look the way they do in all the photos from yesterday. (tear jerker)

The boys were so cute in their little tuxe's.!

The piece of jewelry around Kiley's bouquet is the first piece of jewelry that her Grandpa gave to her Grandma, when they were first married.

Brad is a great guy and a wonderful Daddy, we are thrilled to have him be a part of our family.

After leaving the church , it was off to the reception. It was funny, I carried Griffin to Brads moms car, since she has Aiden and was carrying a number of things. As I was helping her get them in the car seats..Griffin looked at me and said. "I wanna go to the park".lol We sure did have fun at the park last time...but I told him we would have to wait and do that another day. lol

Later in the night. Brad and Kiley.. dancing with the boys.
Brads holding Griffin and Kiley's dancing with Aiden.

I almost forgot about this , since I had finished it some time ago..but this is the Card box I made .

The cakes where gorgeous, and the mints YUMMY! lol (Neely thinks so

When I see Nathaniel all dressed up like this... boy does he seem like he's growing up FAST! What a handsome guy.
Um... I don't think these two little cuties were supposed to be playing in the dirt...but I'm not about to be known as "Crabby Aunt Vic" by stopping the fun.. So I just took pictures. lol Grandma stepped in moments later.

On the left is my sweet mama and my sister Sharon. (from Florida)

My sister Donna ,Below with my brother-in-law Ron and their Grandson Nathaniel. They live in AZ, so they certainly look forward to the time they get to spend with him when they're back.
Nathaniel is just the sweetest kid.. I have to tell you. He Dance with his Grandma , his mom, his Aunt Vic.. name it...but it took a little convincing to get his Grandma out there for a fast song. If I remember correctly it was "Love Shack" by the B52's. Donna kept saying , I cant dance to this...but she's a good Grandma, and she couldn't turn down that sweet out she went. I'll tell you one thing... that girl can dance.. I'm not kidding.. I was impressed. I told her .. she must have gotten that from Dad.. he was always a good dancer.
She was laughing when she came back to the table , and I asked her , what was so funny? She said Nathaniel , had said to her , when they were out on the dance floor.. "ya gotta use what cha got" lol

Here's mom and the kids. We really haven't all been together for a photo since my brother Gary Passed away. So we snapped some quick ones while it was still light. We wish Dad and Gary were with us in this photo...but here are the 7 of us.
This has to be one of my longest posted ever. whew! I just wanted to share. When I share my family... I'm sharing me!
Congradulations to Kiley and Brad (and to Aiden and Griffin)!!!