Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Beautiful day for a Wedding

Introducing Mr. and Mrs Brad Helgenberger

Yesterday was My niece Kiley's wedding day, so the day (and late into the night) was spend with family. It was a beautiful day .. no rain and defiantly not as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago.
I looked through photo's this morning , and this first one , was one I took at the reception late last night. The flash showed Brads face but everything else was black, I was just messing around and edited it by making it b&w. lightening ALOT and then added some contrast... now..I'm really liking it.

It was a beautiful wedding

I loved the way they involved the boys in pouring of the sands...blending their lives. Kiley has Griffin and Brad, Aiden, from previous relationships. They are certainly one now! It was so sweet and touching.

Here is the song Brads sisters sang "It feels like home"
Oh boy.... that is why my eye's look the way they do in all the photos from yesterday. (tear jerker)

The boys were so cute in their little tuxe's.!

The piece of jewelry around Kiley's bouquet is the first piece of jewelry that her Grandpa gave to her Grandma, when they were first married.

Brad is a great guy and a wonderful Daddy, we are thrilled to have him be a part of our family.

After leaving the church , it was off to the reception. It was funny, I carried Griffin to Brads moms car, since she has Aiden and was carrying a number of things. As I was helping her get them in the car seats..Griffin looked at me and said. "I wanna go to the park".lol We sure did have fun at the park last time...but I told him we would have to wait and do that another day. lol

Later in the night. Brad and Kiley.. dancing with the boys.
Brads holding Griffin and Kiley's dancing with Aiden.

I almost forgot about this , since I had finished it some time ago..but this is the Card box I made .

The cakes where gorgeous, and the mints YUMMY! lol (Neely thinks so

When I see Nathaniel all dressed up like this... boy does he seem like he's growing up FAST! What a handsome guy.
Um... I don't think these two little cuties were supposed to be playing in the dirt...but I'm not about to be known as "Crabby Aunt Vic" by stopping the fun.. So I just took pictures. lol Grandma stepped in moments later.

On the left is my sweet mama and my sister Sharon. (from Florida)

My sister Donna ,Below with my brother-in-law Ron and their Grandson Nathaniel. They live in AZ, so they certainly look forward to the time they get to spend with him when they're back.
Nathaniel is just the sweetest kid.. I have to tell you. He Dance with his Grandma , his mom, his Aunt Vic.. name it...but it took a little convincing to get his Grandma out there for a fast song. If I remember correctly it was "Love Shack" by the B52's. Donna kept saying , I cant dance to this...but she's a good Grandma, and she couldn't turn down that sweet out she went. I'll tell you one thing... that girl can dance.. I'm not kidding.. I was impressed. I told her .. she must have gotten that from Dad.. he was always a good dancer.
She was laughing when she came back to the table , and I asked her , what was so funny? She said Nathaniel , had said to her , when they were out on the dance floor.. "ya gotta use what cha got" lol

Here's mom and the kids. We really haven't all been together for a photo since my brother Gary Passed away. So we snapped some quick ones while it was still light. We wish Dad and Gary were with us in this photo...but here are the 7 of us.
This has to be one of my longest posted ever. whew! I just wanted to share. When I share my family... I'm sharing me!
Congradulations to Kiley and Brad (and to Aiden and Griffin)!!!


Deb S. said...

oh vic great photos!! i LOVE the first b&w of kiley & brad!! very cool. looks like they are hugging in a cloud. oh and the photo of nathaniel is so good. he is such a handsome young man. love the one also of he and his gram donna dancing. so sweet and the one of your mom and sharon and yes i love them all. thanks for sharing the special day with us!

Catherine said...

wow Vic, it looks like it was a very beautiful day. I love love your cardbox - totally perfect! Have a great day. xox.

~missprissme said...

Another tear jerker. You've really got to stop that. I'm such a sucker for family stuff. Thanks so much for sharing and of course that CARD BOX was gawgeous.

Marie said...

Oh Vicki, they are just gorgeous photos showing what must have been a truly gorgeous day!

Kacey Elliott said...

Beautiful wedding pics! They make an absolutely adorable family! And yes, that song is a real tear- jerker; I had it on my wedding CD as well. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful part of your family!

Kacey Elliott said...

One more thing, that card box was gorgeous!!!

Precious Treasures said...

You are such a great photographer! I just cannot wait to check your website to see what you took photos of. The card box and cakes are beautiful. I also like the jewelry on the flowers as it is something old and blue all in one.

On another note, check my blog as I did the glimmer mist on doileys and loved it. I also tried the letter idea.

janel said...

What can I say except, wow!
What wonderful family memories, and what special times together. Your camera work documented it so beautifully. You card box is just wonderful. All the details, and all the work....truly amazing!
Thanks for sharing. What a blessing you are to your family.

Jessrose21 said...

Your cake-card box is delicious! I love all the glitter and how you used the stamens. Those real cakes look pretty delicious, too! Love the kids playing in the gravel. That would have been me at that age!

Jennie said...

Great pictures. Love the first black and white picture. That post was heart felt. Love the cake box you made.

D@nielle said...

the wedding looks wonderful ! And I love your cardbox, such a great idea.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a wonderful, lovely family wedding! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! The perfect day. You will all remember this for a long time with gladness in your heart.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

ps. forgot to mention how special I think the jewelry is around the bouquet, what a GREAT idea!!

Sugar Bear said...

What a beautiful family! All of your photos are radiating love and warmth. The bride and groom certainly make a striking couple. Thanks so much for letting me know about the necklace!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Your card box is gorgeous and your photographs are just amazing Vicki! I love the jewelery around the bouquet- what an awesome idea!

Charmingdesigns said...

What beautiful pictures! Everything looks so beautiful. Laurie

Ila said...

Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing!
What a Beautiful Wedding!! I love what you did to the top photo..Fabulous!!

Angie said...

Beautiful pictures! It sounds like a perfect wedding.
BTW that card box is amazing!!

Sharon in NE said...

I loved it. Every detail...the sentimentality of the jewelry, the sweetness of the generations dancing...the remainder of the family circle together...
All so special.
Thanks for sharing.

Pattyjo said...

what a beautiful wedding and chapel! I love the great pictures that were taken.

paperfrenzy said...

Hi Vicki!

It's me again... Just wanted to let you know that I MADE ONE!!! (Card cake, that is!) It was TOTALLY CASEd from you, of course, but I'm thrilled with how it came out! Here is the link, if you are interested in checking it out:

Thanks so much for all of your inspiration! You have a BEAUTIFUL way with your "happy art!"