Saturday, August 04, 2007

Class stuff

Is it Saturday? Sure doesnt seem like it around here..because Jarad and Dan are both working they're at work today. Wes is headed off to Colorado to take in a concert at Red Rocks with friends and my nephew Ryan. Ryan (my sister Jan's son) lives in Denver, so they'll be staying there. He said they would also be camping in the Rocky Mt National Forest. I'm sure they'll have a great time hanging out together.
Speeking of my sister Jan's kids, my niece Neely is on tour with the band in Austraillia right now. Sounds like they are having a fantastic time. Tilly and the Wall
I've spent all day working on class projects and putting together kits. Here's some pics of an upcoming class.
The die for this shape is bare*elements Jyoti Triptych T1800J from AccuCut
I use the die shape with out using the actual "bare elements" form for this altered project.

It's my niece Amy (my brother Ray's daughter) her hubby John, and their son Hunter in the photos.
I have really been putting that big jar of vintage pearl buttons I got , to good use! Yay!

Well, back to kit making, for me... I hope all of you are having a super weekend!


Amy said...

As per usual....this is gorgeous! Is your verse about Family typed on the computer? Is this whole thing sewn with a real sewing machine? Wow!

Deb S. said...

yep this is very pretty! can i take your class? ;)

janel said...

It amazes me at how much you get accomplished. Such beautiful work. I love the sewing, and what a special family treasure.The rain has passed, so it should be a perfect Colorado night to see The Fray! Hope he has fun.

Anonymous said...

wow BEAUTIFUL project of your niece's family! I love how it's bound together with the ribbon- just awesome!

Catherine said...

this is an awesome project Vic!!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

WOW Vicki!! You are so TALENTED!!! YOUR creations are JUST AMAZING!!! :0)


stampqueen said...

Yet another COOL item to add to my wish/project list :)

Susan said...

Beautiful as always - I love everything you do!
Susan Tidwell

Pattyjo said...

Geeze....I know if you try and concentrate really hard, you can make *something* that would be thrown into the garbage...come on now concentrate! NOT!