Friday, August 03, 2007

Counting my blessings

As I gathered scrap products to put together this basket for the Auction/fundraiser for Dave Bade and his family, I was thinking about all they have had to over come in their lives,... and how totally blessed my family and I really have been.
Dave is the kindest man. He was the custodian at the school I worked at for years , and his youngest daughter Maggie went to school with my son Wes, from kindergarden through graduation. I remember how much it meant to me ,that with all they had going on in their lives, they took time to drive over to attend both our boys graduation celebrations.
I even remember one time when Dan was working out of town and it was Wes's first Homecoming.. Wes or I neither one knew how to tie a necktie. Wes came over to school before I got off work... all in a panic, and Dave showed him how to tie it. Just a fantastic guy!
Anyway, as I said , Dave and his family have had alot to deal with over the years. My dear friend Julie ..being the amazing person that she is , is getting the ball rolling on this fundraiser for Dave and his family. We will all jump in and do what we can to make it a success.
Here is the back ground email Julie has sent out about the event. I just wanted to share this amazing story for a couple of reasons. One because if your like me , it will make you realized even more just how blessed you are , and also because I think with all the sadness on the news lately , it's good for the heart to see how people can pull together to help each other in times of need.
(I deleted Julies Phone#'s ..but other than that.. from here down is her letter)
EDITED*** I came back to edit this..because I started thinking , I didnt want anyone to think I was seeking donations here on my blog. Not at all..just want to share the story.

Dear Members of the Fremont Community and Surrounding Area,

Dave Bade and his family reside in Fremont. Dave has worked as a custodian for Fremont Public Schools since 1969. He has worked at the Sr. High, Davenport School, and is currently at the Middle School. For fifteen years he also worked weekends at the Fremont Area Medical Center to supplement his income. Dave and his family are active members of St. Timothy Lutheran Church where he and his son usher once a month.
Despite the fact that Dave’s life has been full of challenges, he is one of the most ‘smiley’, optimistic, non-complaining person you could ever meet! His positive, upbeat attitude is an inspiration for all who know him!
Dave’s wife, Willa Mae, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis twenty years ago and has been wheelchair bound for 16 years. Their oldest daughter, Jenny, was born in 1971 with cerebral palsy. She is severely handicapped and lived at home until 1993, when she moved into a home in Fremont sponsored by Mosaic. Jenny has a seizure condition and numerous health problems. Dave and Willa Mae’s son, Barry, was born in 1976. He lives at home and works at the Encor Workshop and at Whiskey Creek Restaurant. He has autism, a learning disability, and communication problems. A second daughter, Maggie, was born in 1983. She graduated from Fremont Sr. High School and went on to graduate from the Creative Center in Omaha in 2005. Maggie works at Oriental Trading and lives down the street from Dave and Willa Mae with a friend.
Dave was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma (a rare form of bladder cancer). He had surgery the end of May and will require follow-up appointments. There are costs above what Dave’s insurance will pay that he is responsible for. In addition, his home on West 4th St. is in dire need of repair. The kitchen floor needs to be retiled, there is a leak in the inner back porch, and the house’s foundation is in need of major repair.
Friends of Dave Bade, his family, and his church are planning to have a fundraiser Sunday, September 23rd from 4:30-6:30 at St. Timothy Lutheran Church to raise money to help Dave with medical bills and badly needed home repairs. Funds are being supplemented by Thrivent Financial. In conjunction with a meal, we are planning a silent auction. That is where we are asking for your help. We are in need of and would appreciate any donations for the silent auction that you are may be able to make. We want to help him out with this fundraiser and silent auction not only to help him financially, but also to show our support for his family and let him know how much we care about him If you have questions or would like to make a donation, you can contact me, Julie Higgins, at**** or **** In addition, we would appreciate any help in getting the word out about Dave’s home repair needs in the hopes that someone with material and/or talent in that area might be interested in donating their materials and/or time. Thank you so very much!!

Most sincerely,
Julie Higgins
(On behalf of Dave’s friends, family, church, and Thrivent)*****************************************

This is my basket of scrap goods. The container is the back has 25 sheets of paper. Notice.. I added Chocolate? Who can scrap without Chocolate? lol I'll prepare food for the dinner and help serve... my big family will be here.. maybe I'll even be able to talk them into coming. (Did you hear that sisters?) Wanna? lol
If there are any of you that are in the area please come!
Okay... now I want to show you some of these COOL stamps! These are from the "Frame it" Set from Crafty Secrets. I was SO hoping to have some time today to make something fun, but I had to run into Omaha AGAIN! ugh! Can you believe the detail?

I'm going share a bit of the new stamps all through next week . There are so many new ones.. I'm in heaven!

I have so many idea's running through my head.. I need MORE HOURS IN THE DAY!!!
I ran to Micheal's in Omaha today to get some clear 12x12 containers to organize my class kits in. I have alot of classes coming up and I'm down right freakish about organization when it comes to all those little pieces. As careful as you are and as many times as you check and re-check , it just so easy to get there and not have something. Project Organization this weekend!


Deb S. said...

oh vic, dave's story is so sad and yet when i met him at jared's graduation he had a big smile on his face and was so friendly despite all the tragic things in his know, people could learn alot from someone like him...i know it makes me want to be a better person and i truly appreciate all the good things i have in my life. thanks for sharing this with us!
love those cs stamps, very cool!

HB said...

While I can't help out with the silent auction or monetarily, know that Dave and his family will be offered up in my prayers. Wow, what a truly amazing story!! May God's blessing rain upon them all!

Oh, and that new CS set... made my heart skip a beat!

Precious Treasures said...

Just forwarded this to my mom as my brother and sister both grew up in Fremont schools so they probably know him.

janel said...

What a story! I am amazed at the strength of his being. What a blessing that he is surrounded by caring and supportive friends. Thank you for posting. It truly puts life in perspective. I hope that I can help in some small way.
Love those CS stamps...they are just wonderful, and look like they are something that "everyone" needs!
Thinking of you!

Sharon in NE said...

The family has already had so many traumatic things happen to them and now this. It definitely puts things in perspective. I'm so glad you shared this. I couldn't go to it as I lost my brother not that long ago to cancer and I tear up much too fast when I hear these stories, but I can pray.

Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

What a neat and thoughful idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

MJ said...

When you see what is happening behind everyone's lives, one can't help but be grateful for what one has. I am quite touched by the loving and caring that is expressed in my blog-pals blogs. Thanks for sharing! I wish Dave & his family well.

D@nielle said...

it's wonderful to read that in hard times communities come together to help a family in need. This is certainly a family that can use the love and support !

Dawn B said...

Dave's story makes me look at my own life and realize what a blessing I have been given, even though we all have trails and tribulations mine aren't anything compared to this man and his family, sounds like Dave is a wonderful person and to have a comminuity that cares enough to help makes it that much better. I will keep Dave and his family in my prayers. God bless each of them.