Thursday, August 09, 2007

Enjoyable Day!

I'm blogging late today, because I just got home....but look at the view I had of a beautiful August evening sky, on my way home! It was breathtaking!

I met some dear friend for lunch in Lincoln. All of us became friends years ago while we where either teachers or para educators. (Early Childhood Special Education).

It was great to chat and catch up on what everyone and their families have been up to , since we were all together last. Pam (in the green shirt) and Julie (front row right) were the teachers I worked with.

One amazing group of women!

Ann, Pam ,me

Liz , Julie

After that... I met up with my sis,(Jan) at her house. I was invited for some homemade blueberry pie, made with blueberries they brought back with them from Maine. They (her and her hubby Keith) drive the coast each summer touring lighthouses. They just got back after 16 days away.. I been miss'n her!

and.... look what she brought me..... BEAUTIFUL huh!!!

The pie was heavenly!

My sis has such a way of displaying all the beautiful things in her home. She collects cake plates. Here's just one shot... my other photo turned out blurry ..darn!

She has little treasures sitting everywhere.

I could stay all day , and just LOOK!

umm... yeh..this was an old green chair I bought for $5 at a garage sale and was going to get rid of!... I want it back now!!! lol

When my Grandma passed away years ago, this cabinet was out in her garage all dirty, filled with paint cans, nails, oil, name it. I wanted it so bad! Everyone thought I was nuts ,but I just knew it would clean up! We drove the 4 hours to SD to get it , and had to stored in our garage,because I really didn't have just the right place for it.(but wasn't about to watch it get tossed). So I asked Jan if she wanted to use it. She cleaned it all up..."Orange Glowed" it and Check this baby out! It looks so beautiful. Grandma would be so happy!!!

(she always tells me , "I know it's yours and whenever you want it back..just tell me".), today , I said.. I'll take it now, if I can have it with everything in it...just the way it is! lol I don't think she's going for it though. darn!lol

honestly, these photos don't do it justice... the dishes in it are just so beautiful with the afternoon sun coming in the window of her dining room.

I think it's so sweet that she left that red edge on the front of each shelf. That's how is was originally, and she just couldn't bare to paint it. I love it just like that!

I really enjoyed the drive to Lincoln today. Something about just driving my yourself with the radio on , that's good for the soul! Top it off with some of my favorite peeps and some blueberry pie... I'm calling that a pretty good day all around!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

oh, yes, that's just about a best day! Old Friends, that PIE, your sister & family [ and wow does she have a great collection!!]...that sunset, it doesn't get much better than that!

Sara said...

Oh wow.. this house is breathtaking Vicki! Talent must just run in your family!

HB said...

ooo' that blueberry pie looks right out of a magazine! I LOVE your sister's house! But, I see that and think of all the dusting I would have to do! lol

stampqueen said...

My mouth is watering for that pie - I missed blueberry season down here this year - you can go pick your own less than an hour from us but things just got busy this year
:( - berry season is first part of June-ish here. LOVE your sisters collection of plates!!!!!
I would love to have some of the white glassware - I have some purple depression glass instead and then a Major mishmash of small collections from our 6 years in Germany(not to mention the stuff I collected in the 3+ years that I travelnursed - moved every 3 months from one end of the country to another...:)

Mimi Hornberger said...

Thank you, so much, for a lovely tour of your enjoyable day!What a beautiful home your sister has with all of her fabulous finds in it. I love reading your blog each day. Thank you for the time you put into it! Mimi

janel said...

What a treat! That pie looks fabulous, and Jan's house looks like out of a magazine. Sounds like a perfect day. Thanks for that sunset beutiful! Have a great Friday!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh I just love that vintage 40's kitchen stuff- your sister's house is darling- thanks for sharing!

Sugar Bear said...

What a beautiful sky! That is such a wonderful story behind the cabinet. My grandmother has many old pieces like that, several of which my grandfather made. I'm lucky to have a few of them in my home already. Your sister has a lovely home!

Tammy said...

i don't know which i want more, the pie or that cupboard! they both look absolutely divine!

Jessrose21 said...

Your sister has some beautiful collections! She also inherited that same creative gene that you have, as evidenced by her collection displays. They look like something in a magazine!

MJ said...

That cabinet of your grandmother's is great! It can hold so much stuff too! I'm fortunate to have my grandmother's china cabinet but it isn't nearly as neatly organized as your sister's cabinet! Glad to hear you had a great day!

Sharon in NE said...

yes...that IS the good life. I see you didn't hoard all of the family talents and your sister has quite the eye for detail too. Love her stuff.

Sharon in NE said...

Okay, I looked through the pics of your room, reading what you said about having things around you that help spark one's creative juices. Fine. I have some lovely things: old mother of pearl buttons in my mother's button box, my beloved porcelean kewpie doll which my mother had when she was little, the glass jar with sand and shells I collected as a kid during my summers in New Jersey...
I set them all out in a beautiful little vignette.
Hmmmmm.....nothin' There wasn't ONE creative spark that caused me to create something that looked like ANYTHING you would have come up with. I've decided the only sparks that are going to make me as talented as you would be the ones coming from shock therapy and I think my mental state is "iffy" enough as it is. I'd better stick with just looking at your art work and living vicariously through you. ;)