Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finishing packing

I don't know why I have such an obsession with bags and purses...but... I DO! I found this today, and I'm so excited,because I haul LOTS of stuff in my ..purse/bag/suitcase type ...full of everything I need... carry over my shoulder type thing, ...when I travel. Did you catch that? lol
I LIKE BIG BAGS! I take my camera everywhere,so it defiantly has to be big enough to hold that...and all the other of life's necessities. lol Anyway , I love pink and brown , and I have always loved butterflies.. so I HAD to get it. I HAD TOO! Right?

Check out all the pockets... lol... I could spend DAYS looking for stuff. Maybe I should label them. lol
I added that pink rhinestone pin. I have had to for a long time , and really like it...but really never seem to have the right thing to wear it on.

I've been busy all day, running errons and packing , so I'm ready to leave tomorrow afternoon. No time to create, so I dug in to the achieves again and found this project in the files. I decided I would share it with you . It's a tag book I made quite some time ago and was published in "Somerset Memories" over a year ago.

The photos are of my Grandparents , at different times in their lives.

This is my mom's , mom and dad.

This is my Grandpa and two of his sisters.

Grandma and Grandpa Bendig , later in life, but when they still lived on the farm.

My grandparents are both gone now, but I have great memories of them. They were amazing, hardworking people. We had many more years with Grandma than with Grandpa, but still so many fond memories of both, none the less

Well, I think I'll be back for one more post tomorrow morning , and then it's off to San Diego!


Shawn said...

Wow those pictures are awesome! Love the tag book and the bag too :)


Have fun in San Diego. What a wonderful tribute to your Grandparents.

~missprissme said...

Hey Vicki! I live in San Diego so I will definitely stop by and say hi at the CS booth. Me and some of the prissy girls are going to the expo this weekend. Probably Saturday.

Deb S. said...

cute bag! where do you always find them??hmmm missy? you must share this info with me! lol! like i need another bag! ;)i will miss you while you are in san diego...:(

Michelle said...

love the bag and book is so charming!

stampqueen said...

Trying to catch up - haven't been online lately - tell all the youngins you know to consider Nursing as a career(they will always have a job - and I can't work all these extra shifts forever!!!) Love the pics of your Grandparents and what you did with them and I love what you did with the plastic doillys - another thing to keep me eye out for at the thrift shops/garage sales :)
Have fun on your trip!!!

Catherine said...

have a great trip!!

KimmyS said...

Goodness, those tags are stunning. I love the stitching job on them too.

Oh and the bag?? I am so with you on bags, can't get enough of them

MJ said...

I'm sorry I missed saying goodbye! Perhaps this will be a first hello upon your return! I hope you have a great trip!

Incidentally, I am surprised you haven't used your crafty methods to put tags to identify things in your purse! Get to work on that! I want to see progress photos! LOL!

D@nielle said...

lovely project and I have a bag thing tooo, allways take EVERYTHING with me ....