Saturday, August 11, 2007

I had some fun today and hit the little treasure shop in town. I found a few fun things...but before I share , I want to remember to answer some questions I got emails about from yesterdays post. The first one was these little lamp shades that some of you asked about , that are hanging above my closet opening. They just attach to a string of white lights. There are10 shades on a string of lights, and this is what the shades look like up close. Believe it or not , I found them at Target. ( in the bedding isle...little girls decor) lol I love em!

The other thing a number of people asked about was what this is that I have my paint stored in? It's just a old wooden soda (or if you're from NE.."pop) crate. lol It's funny, I've had my paints stored like this for years,but I just open a magazine a while back and saw that someone else had done the same thing. ( so it works for atleast two of us) lol It's great if you put them in head first, because you can see the colors best from the bottom. I usually have them organized by color...but looks like I must have been in a hurry last time I cleaned up! lol

I had so much fun looking through old photos at the little store in town today! I just had to share some of the fun ones I found. I cant wait to do some projects using these.

I found this sweet pink and beautiful aqua colored hand embroidered runner for $4...that will look so perfect on the old dresser in my studio.

I always look at the photos and wish I new the stories behind them. It would be SO interesting!

Oh this little guy just CRACKED ME UP!!! I LOVE HIM!!! lol

Sweet little aqua pearl buttons.

check out this little guy and that cute outfit he's wearing.

I saw this cool roll of tickets, but couldn't see the price, I asked..thinking ... it's probably more than I'll want to pay, I wished I could just get a few. To my surprise it was only $4 for the entire roll, so it's MINE NOW!... I can share right? lol

Okay...this photo was just toooo much! I just want to blow it up big and make a "Home Sweet Home" sign! lol or for an invitation... can you see , getting this in the mail with a "We're having a Party, and your invited" printed on the inside??? lol
I wish you could see the entire photo up's a hoot! ( boy, I thought we needed to get on the yard work) lol

ps. so , does that baby the lady is hanging on to , look like a monkeyto you guys, or is it just me?
( I better watch what I say, that might be someones long lost aunt Etta) lol


KardKrazy said...

Oh, those photos are just priceless. The tickets are a realy find, too. Have fun!

Jennie said...

Love your scrapbook room. I have been looking for that crate to put my paint in also. Thanks for the inspiration each day. I still haven't received the glimmer mist from tattered angels. Hopefully soon. Can't wait to play with it and let you know. Absolutely love the tickets. The pictures are cute. Have fun with your great finds.

Kathy said...

I love your scrapbook room and all of the organizational ideas! I am glad there are people like you buying those old photos from antique stores and other places. It always makes me so sad to see them there. It's nice to know they are being turned into beautiful works of art. Looks like you found all kinds of fun stuff that you will be able to "play" with.

Jessrose21 said...

Thanks for the info re the lamps. I went to Target today, but no luck. Nothing on the website either. I did find some cool metal baskets! I haven't been to Target in ages; they have some cool storage stuff!

janel said...

Cool cool finds! Love those tickets with Crete printed on them....those are just like the tickets that we used to buy for 20 cents when we went to the "show"...and we got to have "pop" that cost a nickel. Great memories...the midwest is the best! challenge to you....photograph some lightning bugs...and I will be really really nostalgic!

Deb S. said...

i wish my scraproom was as organized as yours! woow! maybe you could come over and give me some pointers?! lol! love the picture of the little guy with the glasses! looks like you had a good "treasure hunt"!

MJ said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how these old photos are being used in your crafts!

Catherine said...

I love those pictures - they are so priceless. Looks like you scored big time...sounds like fun!

Charlene Austin said...

Thanks for letting us know on the lampshades. We don't have Target here in Canada but maybe I can talk my SIL in Texas into looking for them.
Thanks again,

Precious Treasures said...

That photo is a hoot!

Kirsi said...

Cool finds! Old photos are always so interesting to look at. And that roll of tickets is a treasure as well.