Friday, August 24, 2007

Sweet Chips Chipboard Dress

For the next couple of weeks , I'm going to keep this sticky at the top about these things...

* Give-a-way on Friday Aug 31... just post a comment between now and then

* Classes in Gretna NE on Sept 8th at Precious Treasures Scrapbook Boutique

NOTE>>>> before I share the project below I have to tell you I finally got my friend Deb to fess up that she was in on the mystery "Tim Matheson" article that arrived in the mail anonymously the other day. (you can read about it HERE). She cracks me up! She actually had her hubby address the env, so I wouldn't recognize the handwriting and then had him mail it from where he was working that day.. Grand Island! The really funny thing is ... I'm such an air head.. ( always running blindly on a mission full speed ahead), I missed that it was mailed from Grand Island, and even Janel noticed it from the photo on my blog of my envi and commented on it. Now that is perceptive! A+ for you Miss Janel! I better start paying closer attention to things. lol I'm not giving up... I'm thinking I might hear from Tim yet. lol

Here's another Sweet Chips Chipboard Dress from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. Ohhh.. they are fun to do.

I sprayed my white pom pom trim with a bit of pink Glimmer Mist.
I used papers from the Classic Paper Pad on this dress.
I got up early this morning to head for Omaha, which is where my friend Chris's Dads funeral was. I have to say, I was so moved by the service for him. I am way to sentimental for my own good and struggle with keeping my composer at any funeral..but when I have to see my friend hurt..and I know "that hurt" because I've lost my dad, it's really tough. But I have to say.. I walked away really feeling like it was such a celebration of his life. I think it is so cool when people are asked to come up and talk about the person... and tell how that person touched their lives. It makes everything so much more personal. I really didn't know Chris's dad well at all, but by the time I left that church, I "felt" like I had know him for years.
Those who know me, know ... I'm not good with "change", most of the time. I pretty much like things to stay constant..(that's comforting to me for some reason), but I was thinking today as I was sitting there watching the video clip that the family had put together,that was playing in the sanctuary, before the service and then casual way the pastor asked those who wanted to, to come forward to say a few impromptu words, I thought... this change is good! So much more personal than funerals used to be. It seemed so comforting to the family...even some smiles, recollecting funny stories. And just because I like some things to stay the same... I loved that it ending with the most beautiful song ever... How Great Thou Art. It truly was a celebration of his life.

Before leaving Omaha today, I had to make a few stops. I was actually headed to drop some things off to Amy over at Precious Treasures...but stopped at Hob Lob to pick up some white pom pom trim. ( because I'm OBSESSED with it)lol and... check out all the colors they had!
The bingo things and stamp are goodies from Precious Treasures. I just fell in love with that stamp when I saw it. It's a Stampington Stamp. (C8456 Robin Script Heart)

Amy Does Such a great job of keeping her store stocked with such a variety of products... I'm always so impressed.

Oh.. and when she said she had gotten a bunch more hats for her Diva Crop Room...( um...she just wasn't kidding!)

Hats, boa's , necklaces, glasses, all kinds of fun stuff. Girls ...bring your friends....and your camera, because this place is too much fun!

I'm thinking , I wanna gather the girls, and have a little "shindig" here! Let me now who can come, we'll plan a day. lol

Tomorrow is my niece Kiley's wedding. Brad is a great guy.... we're looking forward to having him be a part of the family!


chelemom said...

I love those chipboard dresses! They look a little intimidating to me, but you.....holy cow!

Tara said...

I love these dresses!! They are so darling and yours is super cute of course!! I recently found those cute hangers at an antique store in I just need a dress to go with!! :)

Shawn said...

Those are really cute! I'll have to check out that store next time we go home. Gretna is an awesome little town. We have family there. :)

Precious Treasures said...

Vicki, love the dress and spraying the pom-poms with glimmer mist is a great idea. Have you done the silk flowers with the glimmer mist? I just was laying here thinking about it and can't wait to get to work tomorrow to try it. Thanks for the trunks. Put some premade pages in one until you can come work your magic. :)

brainybairn said...

love your work! always so pretty!

Deb S. said...

oh cute little dress vic! i LOVE that stamp. i'm ready for a shindig, sign me up!! ;) couldn't resist the tim article!! just had to do it!!;)

Michelle said...

love those chipboard dresses! so cute!! =)

Scrappermania said...

Ese chipboard de vestido, es adorable!!!!

Jessrose21 said...

Your dress is way cute! The pom-pom fringe is awesome! I wish it came a little cheaper, tho. It's over a dollar a yard at our Joann Etc! (Maybe I'm just too cheap. lol!)

Sharon in NE said...

sniff...I can't take your class on Sept 8th. My 89 year old dad is staying with me that weekend so that my mom can take a much needed vacation with my brother and family to Branson. My dad's health issues prevent him from going and I would hate to ditch him. Wouldn't you just love to come to our Hob Lob and then you can give me one-on-one lessons which would probably turn into one long laugh session. :D!!!!

Pattyjo said...

What awesome things you have been making! I love the dress how creative you are! I haven't been on for a few days, my DH had pnemonia and has been in the hospital. I have been with him alot.

Sharon in NE said...

I failed to comment on the funeral...I'm so glad it was a celebration kind of funeral. My brothers was that way. There is plenty of time to mourn, this is the time to surround yourself with wonderful memories and fill yourself up with them. Hope your friends are doing okay. (:) big hug for you.

Anonymous said...

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Devona said...

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