Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend in KS

It was a fast but fun weekend in KS at Mark and Tayleen's ...oh so cute store! Here are a few pictures of the weekend I wanted to share.

6 1/2 hours in the car to get there, but after the crazy flight home from Vegas... I was ready for some down time. It was relaxing.
Larned is a darling town with lots of cute little shops. I picked up some trims , buttons and a vintage shirt for Wes at a couple of the antique shops in town.

The stores all had so much personality, and everyone we met was just so friendly.

I just cant say enough about how darn cool this store is.
They had all my class stuff displayed so nice. That altered mailbox in the background is one they had purchased from me some time ago. It was a feature project I had done for an assignment for Scrapbook Answers Mag.
Their store is in a COOL old building on main street. It's a coffee shop on one side and scrapbook store on the other. This buildings architecture is amazing!

Meet me at "SCRAPS"

Below is the coffee shop side.

This is the scrapbook side. They have a great selection of supplies, esp Fancy Pants!! YAY!! lol

She has everything displayed so CUTE! This place has such character, and is so inviting, you wouldn't believe it.

All the extra touches make this place what it is.

This is part of the work room area.

Oh... I tell you when I saw this powder room I was just giddy! PINK everywhere! And check out these pink lockers! Ohhhhhhhhh.... it is SO cool!

I'm telling you this much ... if you're ever anywhere near... you should check it out.

The photo to the left is Tayleen (the owner and I)

Blogger, (or my computer) whichever,... is really taking a long time to upload photos today, so I'm just uploading a few to share ,but I'm telling you , the girls that took the classes on Saturday, just blew me away... talk about self starters! wow...they just went right to it. They each added their own personal touches to their projects and they all turned out just gorgeous... each one totally unique from the other.

Thanks to ALL the girls in Larned and to Tayleen and Mark for making me feel so totally welcome there. It was a fantastic weekend!

Be sure to check below , I had so much to share, I posted twice today! lol


Nat said...

oh wow- what fun!!!

Amy Teets said...

I'm so jealous! The shoppe is so cute!

Deb S. said...

what a fabulous shop!!! i'm glad you had time to relax for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Vicki- that store looks amazing- glad you had a fantastic time! Great photos from the auction as well, always good to hear of success!


What beautiful scenery. Sounds like a fun, but tiring weekend. Get some rest!

janel said...

What a darling darling store. Makes me want to take another road trip, and I just got out of the car from a 10 hour one! Looks like a wonderful time..and how fun to have such great gals to work spend time with. Glad you are home!

Precious Treasures said...

OOOH I WANT those pink lockers!!! hee hee. Sorry to hear about your trip back from Vegas. I always worry about things like that as I would be like you with a suitcase full of scrapbook stuff as all those rules on toiletries boggle my mind so I put them in the luggage I check.

I remember that mailbox as I seen it in a magazine where I seen you listed, It is so cute!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful store....was the coffee good?? LOL. You had a good weekend, hope you can get some rest now!

Sugar Bear said...

What a great shop! So roomy and delightful. Love to see the photos of your adventures. That painted buffet piece is an exact match (minus the paint) to a piece my sister-in-law has that I covet big time!

Sharon in NE said...

Those lucky girls to have such a great store and YOU! Looks wonderful!

Shawn said...

What a fun store that is! The lady in the pink shirt has a twin out there because she looks EXACTLY like a good friend of mine. :) Love the little display and your mailbox!