Sunday, September 30, 2007

A little fun at Grandma's

These little yahoo's just crack me up! Doesnt it look like they are having the most serious conversation? lol They were just outside sitting by Grandma's mums chatting up a storm.
It was so good to relax and just enjoy spend some time with family today. Mom made her famous mushroom steak and potatoes.. and it was just so yummy. Nothing better than setting around the table at moms after a fantastic homemade meal, laughing, and reminising.
I have to tell you this story my brother Ray was sharing about how he and Linda had gone for a drive a coupld weekend ago and went through Neligh Nebraska.( a town we always pass through when going to see family in SD) While going through , they noticed that , not only do they still have a drive in theater there, but that it was open.(Starlite Drive-in) So they decided they would stay there that night, and actually go to the drive in that night. They were telling about how cool it was, and we were talking about how fun it would be for the whole family to meet there and take in a show. My kids certainly have never been to a drive in movie. I think it would be so fun for the to experience that . My brother said he had googled it ,and that there are actually 3 open drive in's, in Nebraska. I was suprised. He said the speakers that you used to hang on your window no longer worked, so you had to tune your radio station in to the specific station to listen..but it was great. They said that there was all this nicely painted play equiptment for the kids to play on , down in front like there always used to be. And they were telling us that at the bottom of the flyer they passed out at the drive in, it said "We know that having your radio on , can sometime drain your battery, if your car does not start when you are ready to leave, we have complimentary jumper cables."lol We were talking about small town charm, and how much we really all do love living in Nebraska.

J , had to show me his moves, out in Gramma's front yard.

he was SERIOUS about whatever it was , he was doing. lol

Checking out Grandma's mums. ( they didnt smell as good as he thought they would)


were the mission...

and he wasnt giving up

untill he had it mastered!

J isnt crazy about posing for the camers...but G, is all about hamming it up!

I had to laugh today though...usually J, isnt big on wanting to pass out hugs and kisses when it's time to go, but today, I said "can I have just a little kiss?", he said "no. Dont you want a BIG one?" lol.... Well... YES to do , as a matter of fact!! lol
We are so blessed to have these little ones to make us smile!


HB said...

GREAT pics as always Vic!! You always capture what the subject is feeling - not just their image!
I remember drive-ins! (lol... gave away my age there!) I grew up in So. MN and as teens we lived there every Friday night! aaaaahhh memories.

Shawn said...

I miss drive in's that used to be good cheap entertainment for my Dad and I. There used to be one on 84th & O in Lincoln. Love the pics of the boys. What a fun fall day!

janel said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! All that green grass for the boys to romp in....Our drive in was called the Star longer here either, but lots of memories! Thanks for the breath of fresh air!

Sharon in NE said...

oh yes!! I use to go to the one on 84th and O in Lincoln. (see shawn's)

But the Neligh one: that's an annual summer event we go to with our neighbors. Its about an hour drive from here. We get there early, pick up a pizza in town and sit in the drive-in lot eatting pizza as our kids hang out. Surprisingly, the theatre will have two newly-released movies. I love it...they even have the corny dancing hotdog, drinks and popcorn between movies enticing you to come to the concession stand. They did a great job preserving the drive-in. Stop by and pick me up on the way!

Anonymous said...

We too have a drive in theater- about 45 minutes from home and we actually took the kids this past summer- it was really fun! I do miss the old speakers though!
Great photos Vicki!