Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Memory Trends Photos

I have so many photos to share I think I'm going to be posting twice. lol I wanted to share some more photos from Memory Trends, but before I do that I have to show you this...
I was so excited when Becky sent me an email with a link to Elsie's Blog today. Check it out...the band she's talking about is my neices band! Tilly and the Wall. My neice is the one in the red coat , in the photos Elsie has posted.


Okay.. now, back to Memory

Did you know that Glimmer Mist comes in over 60 colors? I knew there were alot...but the variety is incredible!

I don't know how many of you know Kristi McFadden from Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine..but she is just a doll. I met her and the other girls from Scrapbook Dimensions at an Event we both attended put on by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, when the magazine was just ready to launch...and our paths just keep crossing. I have a request on her behalf. While at Memory Trends her camera came up missing. She is assuming she may have misplaced it somewhere along the line, between 4pm and 6pm on Wed. She is SO SAD, mostly for the loss of the photos on the camera, rather than the camera itself.
Below is her email, if any of you with blogs would like to post on your blogs to help her spread the word. I would LOVE to see her get her priceless photos back.

Hi Everyone!

I'm writing you today with a small request.

While at Memory Trends this week my camera has gone missing in action. I don't want to think of it as being pinched yet and so I'm assuming that somehow I misplaced it during the show Wednesday evening. (I used it at 4pm and realized around 6pm that it was missing.) After searching the floor on Thursday and checking with the various lost and founds I came home empty handed. The camera had all my images from the show along with precious photographs and videos of my son's first Pine Wood Derby race for Boy Scouts, my husband teaching Martial Arts, and I'm sure other events that I will be sad to not have in my scrapbook.

I am asking, if you do not mind, that you please post on your blog or any message boards that you feel might contain Memory Trends attendees about this incident. Please ask that if someone might have found it or even might have seen it laying about to please contact me (Kristi McFadden), with information at And also, if your friends that read your blogs, have blogs and don't mind posting... again please ask them to pass it along.

I'm heartbroken to have lost the images on the camera moreso than the camera itself. I keep thinking that someone might be looking for ME so they can give it to me. So I'm enlisting everyone I can to post about it to try to help me find it.

A sweet thought to all this upset though is that a gentleman from Lasting Impressions, Lane Hill, was so kind and actually loaned me a spare camera Thursday morning so that I could go around the show and try to recapture some of my images. I'm extremely grateful for his kindness and that he so willingly helped me out.

Anyhow, for whatever you can do, Thank you!

On a happier note... once again , I got to be graced with the presents of the master stamper herself , and the sweetest girl around... Taylor VanBruggen!
If I stand next to her... maybe some of her insane stamping talent will rub off on me! (wishful thinking) lol

Glimmer Mist was a huge hit..the booth was crazy busy the entire show. CK editors checking out how it works below.

I got to do a little Glimmer Mist demo for Lisa Bearnson. lol

We stayed at New York , New York... and it was beautiful!

Us girls had a little of this....

And this..... which I had NEVER had before. Yummy! ( I'm home, and it's back to reality) lol

I found some new cool products this time at MT also, but I want to spend one entire post showing you that... so stay tuned... I have lots to share this week.


MJ said...

You must have been in Glimmer Mist heaven! Hope you didn't inhale too much! LOL! You'd have little glimmery nostrils!

Sounds like you had a great trip!

Sharon in NE said...

How exciting!! I want to see all the pics. (love Taylor's work)

Pattyjo said...

I love the glimmer mist! They sure have a ton of colors!
Looks like you had fun going and seeing new things and meeting new people.
We just got back from Alaska and visited the family. When we got back our dog (we have had him 13 yrs.) was accidently ran over and died. We miss the little guy.
Your blog looks great and all the beautiful new things you have made just blow my mind.
Love & Hugs

HB said...

oooo' hard to choose which one to drool over more - the Glimmer Mist or the ice cream! Ok, Glimmer Mist wins!! LOL
Glad you're home safe and I can't wait to see more pics! The one of you and Taylor is adorable - two sweet SuperStars!!!

Catherine said...

OH my gosh, I must have the glimmer mist Congrats on your demo with LisaB, can't wait to see all your pictures of MT...

stampqueen said...

Welcome back!!! Missed blogging ya :)The glimmer mists have been on my must have list ever since I started looking at your blog - hopefully I will make some good muhla at the craft fairs in october so I can splurge!!! But how will I ever chose from so many colors!!!!!

Taylor said...

Awww... what great pictures! I'm so glad you posted them because I forgot my camera! I hate it when I do that! Hope you're doing well and recovering from your incredibly busy time!!