Monday, September 17, 2007

The ScrapMuse Sept Kit winner is

Stacey M ( One Plus One Makes Six) Congratulations Stacey!!
will you please email me your addy, so that I can get it to Amanda at ScrapMuse , and she'll get your kit sent out to you this month. Thanks ScrapMuse for such a fantastic giveaway!!!
*********************************** I hadn't really had anytime to try out my new camera. I didn't even have the editing software on my computer until recently... so I took a few minutes and did that... so I could at least give it a try. So I snapped a few shots.. even though it was a cloudy day.

Yup... just taking "ditch photos" again. lol

And then , of course, my other subjects. Aly and Molly. Remember ... I don't have little kiddos running around the house to snap photos of any more .. so it's my pups now. lol

Aly's a bit more camera shy than Molly.. and when she's outside she has one mission.... Squirrels!

I was laughing my head off at Molly. Her mission is always FRISBEE! Dan had just mowed the grass over on the far side yard, and along the ditch.. the grass was high there, so when he was finished there was all this dry cut grass on top. Every time I would throw the Frisbee and Molly would run and scoop it up.. ALONG with a BIG mouth full of grass! lol
Look at the grass hanging out of her mouth. lol She hated it , and would shake her head ,and have a fit each time... but to you think she would give it up and quit playing... No way!
So brush the grass of your face and hit the day head on! lol
I'm off to Vegas... so I'll see you guys on Friday... with lots of pictures to share. Hold down the fort until I get back okay? lol
Have a super week!!!!
P.S Fun way to start the day... with a couple of mentions on ScrapScene this morning. (starting the day smiling!)


Sharon in NE said...

Don't believe what they say, what happens in Vegas may haunt you the rest of your life, so be a good girl and come home soon. :D

I'll miss you.

stampqueen said...

I love your post from yesterday - LOVE the Halloween house!!
Have Fun!!!

StaceyM said...

How cool is this. Thank you Vicki and ScrapMuse. I am so excited and can't wait!!!

Have a wonderful time in Vegas and return safely. Couldn't live without your daily entries!!!!

Shannon Wyman said...

Congratulations StacyM!!

Sugar Bear said...

Have fun in Vegas! My dog eats grass!

Deb S. said...

congrats stacey!!!! love your photo of molly's grassy face! cute! i will miss you while you are in vegas!be good like sharon said!;)

janel said...

Have fun.....don't get too "wild"......and can't wait for you to share all the MT excitement!

MJ said...

Hope you have a great trip to Vegas! I enjoyed the lovely flower photos & your grassy mouthed dog stories too! LOL! Thanks for the smile!

Scrappermania said...

I Love the Halloween house, Simply beautiful... Congratulations StacyM! :)

Little Bits of Everything said...

Beautiful flower pictures! I have been on a flower taking kick lately. I've posted some hydrangeas I picked from the yard.

FrenchGardenHouse said... fun! I am not a huge fan, but there are some fun eating "outside" at the Venetian..and no matter where you are, it's bound to be a F*U*N place.


StaceyM said...

Hey Vicki,

I hope you had a wonderful time in Vegas!!! Welcome home we missed you.

Just wanted to let you know that Amanda at ScrapMuse is one fast gal and I have already received my Sept Kit from her!!! It's gorgeouse and I love all of the felt shapes and wonderful embellishments that she has in the kit. Thank you again Vicki for doing this and to Amanda for sharing her kit with me!!!

Pearl Maple said...

Congratulations Stacey, you lucky girl. Always lots of good things to be looking on this blog. Have fun on the trip to Vegas.