Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Once again I tried to have my pups take part in the festivities and wish you a Happy Halloween, and Once again.. It was a exhausting experience! lol

But we tried... and tried .. and tried again.
Aly usually cooperates,

but Molly always has a mind of her own! ( don't you just love my pajama pants and socks in the background?) lol ... oh.. and how my hands look like her ear muffs! lol
Didn't matter which hat.. she just didn't like em! lol

can you tell?
50 worthless shots , two frustrated dogs, and one worn out family later, I finally gave it up!
Thought I'd share with you , some of the little Halloween ornaments I made with the new Sweet Chips Chipboard pieces from Crafty Secrets. I used the Halloween Cuts and Stickers.

This little flying witch , is one of my fav's . The saying below her on the images, says "Flying lessons 10 Cents"

I love the way this chipboard takes ink so well. I just ran these over my black ink pad, instead of taking time to paint them. Super easy!

It's pretty quite around here tonight. Living in the country , means no trick-or-treaters. Darn... I miss that. Wes stopped here, on his way out. He was going to a party tonight. He made is costume... he was going as one of the guys from the band DEVO. I was pretty impressed. I'll post the pictures tomorrow. He called me twice from Micheal's yesterday, trying to get ideas for how to make the hat. He ended up making it out of foam rings .. it turned out really pretty cool.
Hope all your little trick-or-treaters have a fun night!
and BOO to you! lol


Scrappermania said...

Hermoso proyecto!

Catherine said...

Happy Halloween to you too!! I went through a similar routine with my little guy - and I do not mean the

Catherine said...'s so quiet without you on the team....miss you terribly.

Deb S. said...

aww aly looks cute & molly looks well,upset!!lol! too funny vic.
love that halloween tree!super cute!

Shawn said...

Love the doggie costumes! annie doesn't fair well to us dressing her up either. :) bethany had so much fun! corey stayed home to hand out candy and ran out in 30 minutes! Happy halloween love all your halloween decorations they are so cute!

janel said...

I think it looks like Molly is smiling in the one photo...and how fun to be the fashion advisor for your son! Makes me snile! Great ornaments with the chips...and of course, the Halloween images are wonderful.

MJ said...

I knew I'd find a Hallowe'eny post here! Love the pup-shots (a play on mug shots!) but the pj bottoms & socks were spooktacular!

Monica said...

cute tree and ornaments!

Maria said...

Happy Halloween!

cindy said...

Your Halloween tree is sooooo cute. I love it. I love Crafty Secrets things too. Will have to give it a try. Can't wait to see the DEVO costume.

Samantha said...

They are so cute!! I love dogs!!
I always visit you blog and I love that you make! My name is Samantha, i´m from Brazil! I´m really sorry, bcs I don´t speak and write in English very well.
I hope that your Halloween it was very good!


Eleanor said...

Oh my, I LOVE these pics of Molly! Too funny! I can just imagine what you went through to hold her still. Ha-ha!