Friday, October 05, 2007

Indian Summer

Indian summer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Indian summer is a name given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn , not long before winter . Usually occurring after the first frost , Indian summer can be in late October ...

All I could thing of all day today when I looked outside is "Indian Summer". It's a warm , windy ,but beautiful day. As I wrote the title, I began to wonder... hmm... is that phrase politically correct now? ... So when in doubt (about anything)... I just ...GOOGLE! lol hence the definition above. lol
I was thinking today about all the things I'll miss once these gorgeous days pass and winter sets in.
I will defiantly miss being able to hang my sheets out to dry. I don't always have time to hang them out...but I love to... so today, I took advantage of the warm breeze. It's gonna be good sleep'n tonight!
I'll totally miss playing catch with the pups out in the yard.... and so will they. Although we do it even in the winter...'s way more enjoyable when the weather is this nice! So today we played!

Oh... and the thing I'll miss the most.... my comfy old flip flops! (or going bare foot-even better).
Slip em on , Slip em off! Now that's what I'm talking about!!! I dread the though of socks and boots. My feel like to be FREE! lol
You know how sometimes , it's just the most simple things that make you happy? Well, at the end of our road, as it goes into town and turns to pavement, there is this row of trees and white fence that lines the road in front of this big old white house... and I just think it's so pretty! I don't know why... I just do. I love how the road and corn field are always such a simple but beautiful backdrop for the setting. I think is pretty in the winter also, but there's just something about the contrast of the white fence with a summer or fall background that just pleases me!
There certainly are lots of beautiful things to enjoy in the winter...and I do... but for today, I'm just enjoying the nice warm weather, before it's gone.

Yep, I was lazy when it came to cooking today.... so here's dinner!'s Friday...relax. lol



janel said...

Oh, seeing those sheets on the line make me SO jealous. We cannot hang laundry in our neighborhood...and for me....I miss it SO much...miss the smell, miss the memories of hanging wet clothes on the line with my mom, and miss how they feel when you crawl in after you put them on the bed! Enjoy these days, those west winds are going to be blowing cold temps and snow before we know it. Have a wonderful weekend, and maybe a cup of cider too!

Beth Leintz said...

I'm glad you black olives on the pizza- I love 'em.

I've wondered the same thing about "Indian summer"- is it still ok to call it that- I think it's my favorite time of the year, and we certainly had some of it today- upper 80's- but who knows what it might be like tomorrow!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Hi Vicki! What a wonderful tranquil scene. You're soooooo lucky to live out in the country :). We're enjoying our Indian Summer here in WI too - but I suspect it won't be for much longer. It's all rainy and gloomy this weekend.

I'm loving your Glimmer Mist projects! Have to go and find me some of that. What a fun versatile product!

Catherine said...

ok, I posted a comment last night and then lost my connection!! The pizza looks yummy still, even at 8am :-) It's an indian summer here too, just love that. Especially since I told Joe that we couldn't turn the heat on until 10/15 !! hehehe.

Catherine said...

hAPPY Birthday to you!
hAPPY Birthday to you!
hAPPY Birthday dear Vicki!
hAPPY Birthday to you!

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day today!


Sharon in NE said...

Happy Birthday, birthday Girl!!! I will keep that in mind for next year and we will have to celebrate in person. Sorry today's weather kinda' stinks...I was loving the wonderful warm Indian summer days too.

Yes, age is just a number and obviously I haven't grown up, so you don't have to either. Have a great birthday week.