Friday, November 30, 2007

and the winner is...

DeniseLynn!!! just email me your addy and I'll get your goodies off in the mail to you!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I think I have a little bug... feeling a bit under the weather. I'll be back and blog more later.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Drawing for the giveaway on Friday

so,...all you have to do it leave a comment HERE, and I'll put your name in. You can see the giveaway HERE.
Now that the new sets of Crafty Secrets "Clear Art Stamps" have been released, I can share some of the projects I've been working on using them.
You can bet that the "Altered Art" set, is one of my FAVORITES!!! ummm... wings, crown, wand... all the good stuff! lol
You can check out all four new sets here on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.
I've used this photo of my sister Donna when she was little before, but it's just so perfect for this stamp set, I had to!

I embossed everything I stamped with Silver Tinsel embossing powder.
All the papers are also Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.
I was going to get busy setting up the big tree today, but didn't get that far. I did get my little pink and silver tree set up in my studio...(does that count?) I love the ambience of the little lights. Not like I'm sitting in here with "dim" lighting. lol Pretty much have to have the light ON when I'm creating ,but I do love soft lights.
Actually, it's always been an issue around here... Dan likes all the big overhead lights on in the house, and that drives me nuts! I'm all about dim lighting (other than when I'm working). I think it's relaxing. (and you don't notice the dust)ha! I am obsessed with small lamps... I love how they look and I love the lighting. I just never really noticed how that is slightly over done in my studio. 4 LAMPS and 2 SETS OF WHITE LIGHTS??? (my room is not very big)

Here's my little pink and silver tree

I saw this lamp shade at the antique store and fell in love with it. I told the guy, he could keep the lamp, I just wanted the shade! I just love the pattern and colors in it!!! I put it on a lamp I already had.

Little pink lamp that sits on my desk.

This is a silly little lamp , that I've had for a long time. It's green, and it's a cool shape..that's all that matters.... I LOVE GREEN and always have. I dressed up the shade with lace pieces and trims.

I have a string of white lights that runs along the top of my Hoosier too. ( I know's ridiculous)lol

I've had that fabric hanging lamp for a long time. I found it at Z gallery, on sale. ( was on sale, I had too)
See what I mean... I LOVE little lamps!
I do love the lighting they put off , and even though , when I'm working in here, I have to have the overhead lights on, but when I'm just reading emails or blogging , I really enjoy it.

Okay...better start turning off lights... it's almost bed time. hah
Hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas PageFrame and Fancy Pants Felt

Don't forget about the Giveaway on Friday. If you want in on the PageFrame giveaway...just post a comment HERE.
Kind of a gloomy day today...but then again, it's winter in what do I expect? lol
I changed my music..probably should have gone for something a bit more "cheery"..haha, but I LOVE the first few new songs SO MUCH... they are my faves right now. If you can , take a minute to listen to lyrics to the second song. "Don't Blink". Such a message!
I need to change the "list" because it's not matching what's playing now. You just have to listen. (cheesy grin on my face, right now).
I worked on this free standing 8x8 PageFrame today. I used the Fancy Pants, "Holly Jolly" line and "Tis The Season" Felt Shapes.
I love the free standing frames , as well as the hanging ones!

I had this sitting on the counter with the lights from the small Christmas tree , showing through from behind, and it was so pretty. Photographing these frames done up, never does them justice, because of trying to avoid glare..but they are so cool.

I also used Fancy Pants pins, buttons and paper, along with the felt.

hummm.... I guess I was thinking , working on a Christmas project, would get me motivated to get my Christmas Decorations out, set up the tree , or start my Christmas Cards.
Not so much. lol
Ever tried to write
"Merry Christmas from the Chrismans" about 50 times??? lol

Monday, November 26, 2007

Page Frame Giveaway

Starts today! The giveaway will have the 8x8 frame , the papers you see (plus a few you cant) lol buttons, bells, hanging glitter stars, three wooden spools wrapped with ribbon and rick rack, and the chipboard letters, "joy". "someone" will get to make something "Christmasy"
All you have to do it comment in this post between between now and Friday.
I'll draw on Friday...and anounce the check back then.

Page Frame gallery
(check out some of the cool things the girls are doing with the frames and shapes for the holidays) I'm always amazed at the creativity!

Today is also the release of the four new sets of Clear Art Stamps from Crafty Secrets. They are FANTASTIC.... check them out here Heartwarming Vintage Blog
I made this Altered Domino Album with the NEW "Mini Memories" Stamp Set.

I found these wooden dominos at the $ store. I sprayed them with Glimmer Mist first. After letting them dry, I used my"Top Boss" Embossing pad and "Top Boss" Copper Embossing Powder from Clearsnap on some of the dominos and covered some with vintage photos.

I sandwich the dominos together with ribbon inbetween ( using Diamond Glaze).

I love this flourish that is part of the set. It's so versitle and makes a great background.
I ran my domino edges accross my embossing pad and then embossed them also, for a finished smooth edge.

Check out the Crafty Secrets Gallery and see the beautiful things the girls have done with these stamps and the others. There is a card in there, that Anna Wight just posted, that cracked me up!!! It is done using the Mini Cooking set, and it says . "We Wisk you a Merry Christmas" lol
You can check it out here.
Hope you are all haveing a great start to your week!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I can share

I'm pretty excited to be able to share now... here's one of the fun new things I've been keeping under my hat... lol

I've been asked to join the staff at Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine. Scrapbook Dimensions Unites Traditional and Digital Scrapbooking in One Magazine. I'm a hands on Traditional Scrapper...but so intriqued to learn more about the options of incorporating digital elements.
I always joke with Cindy and Kristy about how we constantly run into eachother.. we're thinking it must be meant to be. They are super fun girls... I'm totally looking forward to working with them.
I'm thinking tomorrow would be a good day to start a giveaway... so check back!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

So much to be Thankful for

that's how I feel after looking at my photos from Thanksgiving. It was perfect day! Nothing better than a cozy day inside spending time with the fam. ( oh.. and amazing food too) lolEverytime we're all together I'm just blown away at how fast these kiddo's are growing up. It was Aiden's 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday Little Man!

Dan and Lori's Grandkids, Aiden is 4

Jayvier is 3

Griffin is 2

and Kirstyn 1!

That's a whole lotta fun, right there! lol

Here is the newest addition to the family. Little Miss Addison. She has a full head of beautiful RED hair. What a little doll! I think Amy and John think she's pretty special too. I know her big brother Hunter, is pretty proud of her. He told me he even got to babysit for a couple of hours the night before.

If this smile doesn't make you grin, nothing can. lol Nathaniel is one special kid... and photogenic...oh my!

Since there is so many of us, we had to make a decision a few years ago, as to whether, we wanted to rent a place so that we could continue with the tradition of us ALL getting together each Holiday, or if we would start having Holidays with our immediate Children and Grandchildren. The decision, was unanimous... we couldn't imaging not all being together for the Holidays.... SO rent a building we did. It was strange at first , not to be at mom and dads, and crammed in one room , practically sitting on each other, to open gifts on Christmas Eve.... but you know, we quickly realized , as long as we can all be together, "where" we were at , doesn't really matter at all.
We have all the same things, family, the yummy food, the blessing, (anda little bit of the noise and caos that comes with a large family) lol...just in a different place.

I made the turkey, stuffing , potatoes, gravy, and then everyone brings all the other good stuff to go with it. Everyone works together, and it's quite spread! lol

Deserts... oh my! Who could choose. This is just a part of the desert table.

That's one of my pumpkin pies in the background, and Lori's "Pecan pie", Neely's "Chocolate Moose", Diana's, "Pumpkin Apple cake", Jan's "Rustic Apple Tart", Jan's "Pumpkin Pecan Pie", Mom's "Homemade Apple pie", Ray and Linda's, Pumpkin Pie , and off to the left side of that.. their, "Caramel Apple Pie"
Ummm... you guested it... Lotta People , Lotta food~! lol

And then , on top of all that , later in the day, then Jenkins all worked together to make Homemade ice cream.

Lot's of cranking! lol Not only is it SOOO good, but it's just something we used to do alot years ago at mom and dads, and having done it in a while ,so it brought back so many fun memories.

I'm thinking Kirstyn thinks her fist experience with Homemade ice cream is pretty Okay~!

As you can see, my boys made sure they got some. lol

It was a special Thanksgiving for a couple of reasons, one , because of our new addition, (Addison), and the other , because , Ryan got to be there with us. It was SO good to have him there!!!

Ryan and Neely

I didn't organize these photos very well. I should have put this picture of Hunter, up there by his new baby sister. He's never too crazy about my taking his picture...but this time I trapped him and had someone take our picture together.. (he had to give in to his Aunt Vic, this time) Thanks Hunter!

The entire day ,was just so nice, I hated to see it come to an end. But listening to Wes and Nathaniel play guitar was a great way to wrap up the night.

To all of the our family who couldn't be here, these pictures are for you, so you know we were thinking of you and hoping your day was wonderful.
And to all my friends, ... this is just the best way for me to share with you... what's really important to me, and what I'm so thankful for ...{ MY FAMILY}
I hope you day was filled with things you love

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all a Wonderful day tomorrow, whatever it is you are doing. We'll all be together, (the big fam), with the exception of those that are to far away to be here for each Holiday. We're happy for the ones we do have them here for ...but know they will be spending tomorrow with other family members or friends, so I'm sure it will be a wonderful day for everyone... with lots to be thankful for!

Thought I would share with you , a project I just finished. Actually it's one of those things, that I've been thinking about doing for some time, and finally got around to it. I used two mattes for photos. I used Glimmer Mist on them first.
After that was totally dry, I inked around the edges and then randomly stamped images from the Christmas set of Clear Art stamps from Crafty Secrets. ( on both mattes) I sandwiched a piece of transparency between the mattes and adhered them together. Then I matted with black, one of the Christmas images from the "Seasonal booklet" from Crafty Secrets, then added the same image on the other side.

It was hard to get a good photo, so that you could see the transparency , and so that you would be about to see the look of the Glimmer Mist. Again, it's another one of those projects, that are hard to photograph, and just looks alot better in person. But you get the idea.

I just poked two holes in the top to run the lace through to hang it. I added some bells also.
It's really hard to see how it looks, with the photo being taken with the light behind, but it's meant to be hung in a window .. so you can see it from inside and outside.
The colors of Glimmer Mist I used where, Holly Berry , Mistletoe, and Gingerbread. The blend beautifully, and look gorgeous together.
Okay...better run.. Of to pick up my sweet mama. She is staying her tonight. Picking up something for dinner.. No cooking dinner tonight... still preparing for the "feast" tomorrow. lol

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


and I'm SOOO happy! I was thinking it was gone for good...but tonight I found it!!! YAY!
Why is it , when you loose something it's always in the weirdest place? So I'm working on a project... dump out this HUGE jar of buttons and see something silver in there. (Keep in mind, this is my studio... and so I have LOTS of jars of little do dads) I was thinking it was a binder ring , that just found it's way to the wrong jar. ( I don't know how...but that happens alot in here)lol I picked it up and about screamed when I saw it was my beloved ring!
I have had this ring for a long time, and I NEVER take it off. I'm not a big "ring" girl, because of working with , Paint , glue, ink ect... Anything with gems just doesn't work well for me. My brother-in-law Ron, does silversmithing... and made me this ring. This ring is like a part of me. I have felt so bare without it these past few weeks. Today I AM HAPPY!!!

On another happy note...just wanted to share this sweet photo of my friend Deb and her hubby. I took a few pic's for them the other day, ( with their pup "Cully") for their Christmas Cards.... but this one , is one if my favorites... ( when they least expected it) lol
They are so sweet together!
Hope you all had a wonderful day today!

Monday, November 19, 2007

This and that

that's about the best way to describe this post. Nothing really goes together ,but it's all stuff I've been wanting to share bare with me, okay? lol
First of all , I got a fun little package in the mail today from My niece Rhonda and her family, that live in AZ. Her two oldest boys are close in age to mine. Actually Rhonda (my sister Donna's daughter) and I , are only 2 months apart in age ourselves. ( Rhonda will be quick to point out "SHE" is younger)! lol
For those of you who are new to my "family stories". I have 6 brothers and sisters... I'm the baby. We are really spread out age wise, so I have nieces and nephew close in age to me. My Great nieces and nephews , are really more like ... "nieces and nephews".. is that as clear as mud now? lol Here's the short version... There is a BUNCH of us! lol
Anyway.... I got this fuzzy blanket and these pictures of the boys in the mail today... and it totally MADE MY DAY!

Check out these cutie pies! I love you guys! Thanks so much!

And ...then I've been dying to share with you , a picture of this CUTE little bird and nest salt and paper shaker , Cindy gave me , when I was in Canada. The girl knows my taste SO well!
Is this precious or what?
The other day when I was so thrilled with my new pillow from Gordmans, I also got this new ornament. I get at least one new ornament every year.... (hmmm... maybe it will motivate me to want to put up the tree...because I'm just not feeling it, as of now). It's just sounding like alot of work to me at this moment. lol
I am getting to be quite the little home body. I guess I can't exactly say that, because I've been traveling so much lately...but what I mean is ... I LOVE being at home... and I don't run to Fremont half as much as I used to. I blame the price of gas...but truthfully, I'm content at home, and dread wasting the time in the car. lol Well, when I was in Fremont Sunday, I realized I haven't been in much lately, because I was surprised to see some new things , that just popped up. Like this.....

Sometimes, I get on such a mission, I think I just don't notice things...but I had two things on my side with this.... 1) it's REALLY big and pretty hard to miss, and 2) it's right across from the $ store! lol

We don't get the Fremont paper, I just count on mom and my friends to keep me up on what's going on. lol ( you can do that when you live in a small town ,really) haha

Somehow I missed the scoop on this. I'll have see if I can figure out who painted it and what the story is behind it. It really is beautiful.

I have to tell you , I was SO excited today when I talked with my friend Catherine... to find out ,that she won 1st place in the Prima Contest!!! Way to go Missy! You are SO deserving!!!
You can check it out HERE
I warned you this was going to be a random post. I have truly been "Creating" like a crazy woman, I just cant share just yet.( I know ...that story is getting old...but it's true..really) lol, I finished 5 catalog projects for AccuCut over the weekend! Woo Hoo! I could really be a tease about the cool dies that I've been working with ,that are new CHA releases. lol............. I'll just say..... VERY COOL! and lots of them!
Did I mention... VERY cool? lol
ok...gotta go play....