Friday, November 16, 2007

Here comes the weekend

I still have photos from Canada I wanted to share with you...just because it's a pretty cool place and then I have a little bit of this an that to chat about... okay?
First of all, I wanted to thank Linda for Nominating me for "Creative Blogger Award". You can read more about it here, if your interested in nominating someone you think is deserving. Very Cool... thanks Linda!
Another fun thing... Look who is the special guest playing at The Meadowlark tonight. Yup...that's my boy! Break a leg son! ( not really of course) lol I'm proud of you!
( he's the bottom photo)
Okay... now I HAVE to share this gorgeous home, we toured near White Rock while I was in Canada. They have this thing.. I think from looking at the brochure I picked up to reference to , when I blogged this... it's called "Millionaire Designer Home Lottery". Anyway... you can by a ticket for a chance to win this gorgeous home, with everything in it. I think I remember the tickets being $100 for a chance to win. You can read more about it and take a virtual tour at
I guess they have had a number of different ones...but this is the current one.

I don't have a spare $100 to gamble with right now... and I think you have to be a Canadian citizen ...but all I can say is.... IF I HAVE TO DO DISHES... I WANT TO DO THEM AT THIS SINK...WITH THIS VIEW!!!!

The style this home was decorated in , is not what I would say is my style...but lets just say... I'd take it in a pinch!!! lol
The crazy thing is ...this kitchen is on the 3rd floor! No worries, carrying in groceries...there's an ELEVATOR!

I love those dishes!

Check out this bathroom wallpaper.

Another beautiful view of the ocean from the bedroom.

My dogs defiantly would not be getting up on that bed! lol
( but I could have a doggie bed make from the same fabric right?) lol

Lots of Beautiful stuff to look at. The elevator was just to the right of this on the other wall.

Again... not my style ,but I could learn to live with it, I'm sure. (very sure)

This is the spare room for when you come to visit. lol

This is just the "little" dinning area. The photo of the larger one.. turned out really dark.

Some cool stairs if you don't feel like using the elevator.

Below was the entrance from the other side of the house. I should have taken a photo of the outside from farther back...but it was still a bit rainy.

Ok... back to reality. ( I did get a cool pillow at Gordmans today)


Eleanor said...

Congrats on getting nominated! Thanks for sharing the pics. I LOVE the dining room!

Christy said...

Congratulations on your award, I love your blog! :) Have a great weekend!

Deb S. said...

CONGRATS Vic on being nominated!! You are very creative and deserving! WOW that house is beautiful!!! Not so much my style either but, I could learn to adjust to a diffrent style if I won that fantastic place! ;)

janel said...

Yea you!
And how fun to have Wes' name in "lights"!
What a house, some of it reminds me of the 70's...the mirrors, and I think that one wall looks like Hambly. That sink looks like a mini swimming pool!
Enjoy the weekend!

Chris said...

loving your blog. also thanks for turning all of the CSS girls onto GLimmer mist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris said...

loving your blog. also thanks for turning all of the CSS girls onto GLimmer mist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh man!! I can't believe those pictures of me showed up in the bathroom of that house.

Other than that, yeah! I loved it, BUT, I'd be happy too with a pillow from Gordmans.

KardKrazy said...

Well, lots of cool things here, but the coolest has to be the poster of your son. How fantastic is that? I am sure you are mighty proud of him!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I'll come live with you. Not my style either, but hey, if you can get used to it, so can I! Thanks for sharing, you KNOW we love home tours.:)